• From The Sidelines

    This is a story about a girl. She lives in the background of Hogwarts. She is not noticed by and has no connection to the boy named Harry Potter. Or does she?
  • Dursley Drama

    A series of One-Shots, revolving around the people we all love to hate, the Dursleys. But there are parts where the Dursleys aren't as evil as they seem.
  • Harry Potter VS Big D

    In the Order of the Pheonix, Harry wanted Dudley's gang to "have a go" at him, but they don't. This is a version of what might have happened had they seen him, and Dudley's dilemma.
  • Leaving Our Home

    No one really knows what was going on in the tricky minds of the Dursleys. This takes place in the Deathly Hallows, and don't read if you don't want a major spoiler. One-shot.