• Moony and the Marauders

    The Marauders era told through the perspective of Remus Lupin. Marauders in Hogwarts and beyond, Wolfstar. This will be a very long fanfiction. CW: swearing, violence, may be slightly sexual, child abuse, themes of homophobia.

  • Book characters reacting to the movies

    So the characters from the Harry Potter books, are watching the movies. *will only make sense if you have read the books and seen the movies* Leave a review!

  • Kill the spare

    Cedric's POV in the graveyard in GoF

  • A Hogwarts Diary: Penelope Huggins

    So we heard Harry's side of the story, what about the others? So he was in brave Gryffindor, but what about kind Hufflepuffs, wise Ravenclaws, or ambitious Slytherins? This is one book of five Penelope Huggins is a bright, orphan witch brought up by her Uncle, and we will find out what she thinks of all the Harry Potter characters, and more!