• “Get back into your tent, Miss Granger”

    Hermione wakes up in the Forest of Dean in the middle of the night to find the tent empty. Harry is gone. But she's not alone, is she? SS/HG short and sweet, but explicit.

  • Chasing tail

    Sirius knew he was in trouble. He figured he was suffering from some sort of heroine complex in his admiration. After all, she had saved his life back in her third year. Now, he can actually get to know her and he is determined to make the most of it.

  • Dinnerparty in the dungeons

    Hermione attends one of Slughorn's infamously boring dinnerparties while her friends are out for quidditch practice. They expect she's having a miserable time, but Hermione's found herself entertainment in the handsome form of Cormac McLaggen. Full of lemons. Smutty one-shot!