• Meet the Lupins

    Title is a work in progress. Follow AJ Lupin through his years at Hogwarts, as well as his time with his friends and family. An Au story where Remus ans Tonks live. Rating may change, but it will stay there for now.

  • The Potter’s Time Travelong Escapades

    James Potter wakes up in a vaguely familiar room surounded by his family, only to realise that his family is twent two years younger. Join James and his family trying to get him and his cousins back to 2017. AU. Tonks and Remus live because I still deny their death. Rated T for eventual language.

  • The Potter’s Time Traveling Escapade

    James Sirius Potter and his family wake up in Grimmauld Place, but it is not like how they know it. It is actually 22 years prior. Join the time travelers in meeting their younger parents as well as family members who have passed, all while trying to get home. AU Remus and Tonks live because why not.