• Life According to Hemlock Sewlyn- Potter

    Hemlock never thought she'd find love at all, she also never thought she'd find everlasting love with the Chosen One

  • A Black Among Wolves

    Ophelia Celestia Black has lofty ambitions. At the start of her fifth year she makes a few new goals for herself besides recieving as many OWLs scores as reasonably possible. Step One: Catch notorious serial murderer and He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named Supporter and father, Sirius Black Step Two: Be rewarded with an Order of Merlin: First Class. She was not expecting Professor Remus Lupin

  • The Life and Times of Wisteria Lucretia Malfoy

    Wisteria Lucretia Malfoy is finally old enough to go to Hogwarts. Of course her parents have asked Draco to look after her, even if he is older by two minuets. Will she follow in her family's footsteps or will she break tradition and march to the beat of her own drum?

  • The Chosen Twins

    Harry and Marley Potter, fraternal twins, were famous before they could utter their first words. The two are more important to the wizarding world to be left in a dingy cupboard under the stairs forever. On the twin's eleventh birthday, their lives change more than ever.

  • For The Boy

    Rosemund Potter refused to fight those she broke bread within the Great Hall in the Second Wizarding War. Her old friends aren't happy after Voldemort is defeated by an infant. She needs a plan for her survival and Albus Dumbledore is her last resort.