• Harry Potter and The Half Children, Part II

    Sequel to Children of the Seal. Part Two of Seven. Explanation first chapter

  • Harry Potter and The Children of The Seal

    In their first year, Jackson Wheeler and his best friend, Michelle Abercrombie, learn that they are actually wizards with mounds of potential and seals on those specific potentials. After quickly being moved to Great Britain to live with a family friend, the duo realize that their fates are not only intertwined with each other’s, but also with three wizards they’ve never heard of.

  • Komi Can’t Communicate: Chapter 1

    Just my personal spin

  • Conqueror of Chaos

    Meriweather is made into a Greek believer as his world is flipped in a matter of a day. And then, as he tries to get used to hus new life, he is struck with another blow: he has to do something no demigod has ever done. How will the boy fare? Can he live up to the limitless potential set on him to save Olympus, or will his own weakness set him back?

  • The Story of Jackson Martin: Vol 1

    Nun much, I just insterted my character into the third year of Harry Potter. Maybe a little romance, but almost zero smut. Good writing. Thanks for reading.

  • The Golden Trio and the Sorcerer's Stone: Year 1

    Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, and (Jackson) Karlito Alexander have been given the ultimate task: defeat Voldemort once and for all. Can they come together with the bondage of friendship and love, or will an enemy right under thier noses tear them apart?

  • The Twins of the Phoenix

    In this book, a wizard named Karlito has finally got his wizard powers unlocked. He befriends Harry and the crew, and adventures. I only put the rating at M because there might be gore and mental depression and hurt. There might be sex, but they have to be fifteen or older, so in maybe fifth year. Also, I just have to warn that my writing style is full of sex jokes, but no sex.