• Baby's Breathe- A flower that survived war

    Hermione is not really a Granger. She is therefore, not a mudblood and has every right to be a part of this Magical World. And she is more involved into the lives of many, without her knowing. And she is rightfully a know it all, because blood ties never lie.
  • Scars

    The Battle of Hogwarts just killed one Evil, while another was preparing to strike. Half of Magical Britain is wiped off, and those who remain must join together. The ministry brings out a Magical Marriage Law in an effort to protect those marked by Greyback, who will stop at nothing to eliminate wizards and establish the rule of Werewolves.
  • Brewing Storm

    " I am a blood-sucking veela and you are my mated witch."- Draco Malfoy said into Hermione Granger's ears, making a well-hidden secret, a blood curse turn as real as the Sun and Moon.
  • A Dawn by The Sea

    Harry Potter and Hermione Granger are at last free of those toxic relations that tied them to a life they were desperate to run away from. Here on an island far away, surrounded by sea and the open sky, for the first time they discover each other and realize the pleasure of togetherness. (Harmony) (post war)(Au).
  • Blank

    After returning as eight years, Draco Malfoy and Hermione Granger had an emotional moment at the dead of the night.
  • Love Empowered Empathy

    Love, this four-letter word, unlike all other emotion, is a sheer complex power. Add an ancient magical core to it and the world tilts at its axis with a mere flick of a finger or that's what Lily Potter realized mere seconds before her death. Minerva McGonagall knows of such power for she over sees its growth before her eyes but unknown to Albus Dumbledore.
  • Mrs Snape

    At her deathbed, Minerva McGonagall asked for the most impossible thing from Headmaster Severus Snape. "My last wish is to see you married to Miss Hermione Granger". Ironic, the witch in question has disappeared from the Magical world right after the Battle of Hogwarts.
  • Sleepless

    Among many other things, what if Hermione Granger could never walk away from her traumatic experience at the Malfoy Manor? Severus Snape has been there for a decade, such at one moment of time, now he realizes he cannot afford to watch some else waste away.
  • Thirst- oneshot

    Severus Snape had planned to escape the Magical world, but he had never planned to kiss Hermione Granger and take her along with him.
  • Jasmine Snowflakes: Sequel to Plumeria

    With winter comes snow and with snow comes the magical shower of love. Severus Snape honours Miss Granger in the most Subtle way he can think of.
  • Dream Boy

    What if Ginny Weasley had a habit of writing diaries long before she started attending Hogwarts? And what if she simply imagined Harry as a fictitious friend and started writing letters to him, in each and every page of her diary?
  • Plumeria: Sequal to Slow Duet :One shot

    Hermione Granger declares her acceptance of Severus Snape's offer in front of the entire population of Hogwarts, but no one gets a hint of it. Love knows many languages and does not need to rely on words.
  • Dueto Lento: Sequel to Consider, Enigma?

    "Slow duet" if said in Spanish would sound like "Dueto Lento". Hermione and Severus are doing exactly that, humming the duet to celebrate their slow-paced journey to falling in love for each other, away from prying eyes and in the company of Nature and darkness. It seems the dour man knows how to wish a girl a "happy birthday' as well.
  • Consider, Enigma?

    When the weather mirrors Hermione Granger's predicament regarding the resident Potion Master of Hogwarts, the enigmatic man himself steps in to guide her to think hard about him, the one and only Severus Snape. T/M
  • Raindrops: sequel to interlude

    A sudden downpour brings them closer, something neither Snape nor Hermione was prepared for.
  • Interlude: sequel to Soon

    Hogwarts watched from the shadows the unique courtship of potion master Severus Snape and transfiguration apprentice Hermione Granger.
  • Soon: sequel to butterfly effect

    "Soon" the tease and the mental games both Snape and Granger engaged themselves in, mocking their intellect and toying with their hidden sensuality.
  • Black and White: Sequel to butterfly effect

    When Hermione Granger wrote, "Black and White" in her two-way journal, Severus Snape made her wait for the weekends to come to hear his answer.
  • Butterfly Effect

    Hermione Granger presences Severus Snape a gift on the night of her graduation.
  • Lone Wolf- oneshot

    "I can teach you how to bottle fame, brew glory, even put a stopper on death." But Severus Snape kept the finest trick to cheat died hidden within him.