• A Better Future

    Lily Evans - muggleborn, intelligent and determined - receives a letter from an anonymous source, explaining how to kill Voldemort in the least number of words possible. Add to the mix a group of magicals who never got a proper choice and what do you get?

  • A Dangerous Plan

    When the marauders find out about the prophecy, they create a plan - to protect Harry, save themselves and potentially kill Voldemort. Peter betrayed them, and we all know how that goes. Now, Dumbledore's dead and Remus sees the perfect opportunity to complete their work. What he's trying to do requires subtlety. A vacation seems to be in order… Canon Divergence post-HBP

  • Harry Potter's life summed up…

    Harry Potter has had a very weird life. This is an utterly sarcastic monologue about said life. Should the author and readers care that this isn't completely sane? Yes. Does the author care? No. Does the reader care? That's to be seen!