They felt that their life was complete, they loved each other, they were together, they were everything they wanted and needed. However, when a small child bursts into their lives all their convictions are turned on their head. Can Severus and Hermione be the people that this little angel needs in his life?Are they ready to dive into the crazy adventure of parenthood?Edited Version

    Ellos sentían que su vida estaba completa, se amaban estaban juntos eran todo lo que querían y necesitaban, sin embargo la llegada atropellada de un pequeño niño en su vida hace que todas sus convicciones terminen de cabeza. ¿Podrán Severus y Hermione ser las personas que ese pequeño ángel necesita en su vida? ¿Están listos para sumergirse en esa loca aventura de la paternidad?
  • A Muggle Supermarket

    Severus knew he was old, bitter, ugly and hateful. He was no prize for anyone and for many years it had been good for him... Until she arrived. He already knew her but time and life had made both of them different people. The war changed everyone in its own way.
  • The first day

    He could hear the people around him but they felt distant. He felt as if cotton filled his ears and mouth. A dull ache ran through his entire body and a localized burning in his neck kept him in agony. He supposed it made sense that even after it was all over he still couldn't feel peace in his life and what he now assumed was his death was a constant state of pain and agony.
  • Love is in the air

    When she noticed the flowers her face changed for a moment and she lost a little of the shine in her eyes. But without losing her smile, she took the bouquet from his hands. It was like a punch in the stomach for Severus, she hated flowers, it was an unwanted gesture just like any advance they represented.
  • Secret love

    The streets of Knockturn Alley were dark, dirty, and dangerously dyed. It was without a doubt, the last place where anyone wanted to hang out, let alone live. No one would imagine that this sordid place would be visited by Hermione Granger, war heroine. With a quick walk, the woman approached a dilapidated building, the paint was peeling and there was mold growth on the walls.

    Life is simple when you're in the early years of Hogwarts. You're able to happily play 'try not to burn anything' in class as your teacher and classmates try and dodge the dancing flame. None of the children ever imagined how it would turn into their lives in the future.
  • Little Dreams

    When Hermione was a little girl she used to close her eyes and imagine her future, beautiful images that were created crystal clear in her head: she would be Prime Minister, of course she would have a handsome, tall, intelligent husband, and one or two children. It made sense that she would marry Severus Snape, but after a decade of marriage, it was still just the two of them.
  • Draco's intentions

    It had taken Draco a week to get this date; the flowers, the gallant gestures, and the flirting had been ignored, in fact if this wasn't a special last minute ministry event she probably would have turned it down. He had dressed in his most elegant robes; the war had decimated his fortune, his public image and his arrogance, but never his elegance and dignity.

    Scorpius was a good boy, he ate all his vegetables, bathed every day, and listened carefully to his elders, however like every little boy he was not completely exempt from mischief from time to time.
  • A Black Spot

    Two small boys with dark hair and gray eyes sat in front of a wizard's chess board. A family tapestry hung on the wall next to them. Father, uncle and mother entered with a somber air, and the children were quickly thrown out of the room. The next day where the photo of their cousin Andromeda had been on the family tapestry, would only be a black spot.
  • UP

    The path to a great discovery, to the cure of an incurable disease, and to the historical recognition (beyond his already known participation in a war) can start with a children's film, a Muggle travel guide and a 5-kilometer daily jogging guide.
  • 30 days of press

    "We start the press conference with Lee Jordan, correspondent of the Daily Prophet..." announced a voice from the podium where the Minister was standing."Good afternoon, Minister, my question is the following: What will be the approach that the Ministry takes to the situation of disease that is surrounding the Muggle world if it should cross over into ours..."

    Hermione walked slowly along the same path that she had travelled many times while she was a student; the grass was green, the wind caressed her face, the aroma of fresh earth and the trees surrounded her. Thoughts of simpler and happier times filled her mind. the castle in its towering glory, a witness to centuries of history and tradition, never failed to awe her.

    She fell to her knees on the cold floor. Her emotional pain had numbed her to all else, feeling like nothing more than a shell. Putting her hand into her pocket, she took out an irregularly-shaped package, tightly wrapped in dirty, old rags. It was amazing what one could procure during times of crisis, without the rule of law.

    "Daddy? Why does water sometimes fall from the sky and other times snow falls? If snow falls, can ice cream fall? Because Calvin from school told me that once in his house strawberry ice cream flakes fell and I told him…" The girl had held a monologue for about a good thirty minutes, almost without taking time to breathe. There was no doubt that she was like her mother.
  • Tale of a non-friendship

    Was that all a life was worth? A beautiful box, an elegant suit, and the most expensive area to place the coffin. In the end, all of his material possessions didn't matter. One day a person is breathing, eating, committing evil deeds, doing good, loving, hating, and the next day, it's as if they didn't exist.
  • Peaceful place

    "Daughter, do people who are as sick as I am die?" She, bearing a small and ignorant smile of what the future would bring them, had only answered, "No, Dad, everything will be fine." He'd been pleased with her response, closed his eyes, and said, "Fine, because I'm really afraid of dying"
  • Poor Unfortunate Wizard

    "Fortunately, I am someone who is quite gifted in magic. It is something I have always been really good at, and I have decided to invest it in miserable people, wizards and talented witches in need. I can help you. Do you accept young man? Greatness awaits you. It is in your hands to choose the right side of a new world order; you can be part of the greatness of the future"
  • I can't

    She got her old expandable bag and collected her belongings. All this negative energy had taken its toll; it was time to leave. She paused on some old photos of her and Ron smiling at Hogwarts. They looked happy. These smiling children pictured were only ghosts of a past that clearly would never return. They were very different people now, destined to take separate paths.