• Proving Ground Triptych 2: The Tarnished Crown

    On the verge of his second year at Hogwarts Harry struggles to reconcile the knowledge that Voldemort is still out there with Harry's own desire to live his life. When an international competition arrives at Hogwarts Harry jumps at the chance to compete. But Harry can't help but see Voldemort behind every strange occurrence. [Full summary inside]

  • Proving Ground Triptych: Interlude 1: The Other Evans Girl

    Interlude/sequel to PGT1: You Could Be Great. Lily Evans was beautiful. Lily Evans was talented. Lily Evans was a witch. Lily Evans grew up to marry James Potter, a handsome and rich wizard. She fought in a war, died to save her son. Everyone knows her story. But what about the other Evans girl?

  • Proving Ground Triptych 1: You Could Be Great

    When Harry Potter finished Year 8 at Stonewall High he didn't expect his normal life to be turned upside down. Instead of joining his friends in Year 9, Harry is plucked from the dreary Muggle world and dropped into a weird and wonderful world of wands and wizards. As he tries to fit in he must deal with escaped convicts and high expectations only to find he never was normal.