Thy Uncle

  • Because Of Her

    James Potter had his heart broken in 5th year by the "Love of his life". How does he cope? Slightly Slow Burn Jily. Possibly Canon - Compliant.

  • Hypocrisy

    Lily messed up. The most angst that I can handle. Maybe canon, maybe AU.

  • Who Is James Potter?

    It was question that bothered her. A lot. Who is he? Lily Evans would figure it out eventually. Why do people revolve around him? How did this happen? When did this happen? Who is James Potter? Smut Warning! Possibly Canon - Compliant. Eventual James/Lily

  • The Film Star

    James Potter was a porn star. Lily Evans was horny. Marlene McKinnon is a sexual deviant. Sirius Black thought he was gay when he was 14. Muggle AU

  • Jily: According to Lily Evans

    Everyone thought they knew Jily; do they really?

  • Tempting Fate

    Just another tale of star-crossed lovers. After Lily's rejection of her and Severus Snape's friendship, how did she fall in love with her old nemesis when he was with her best friend? Smut Warning! Pre James/Marlene to James/Lily