• Hate It or Love It

    A poor kid from Chicago gets the chance of a lifetime when he qualifies for transfer into Hogwarts, and he knows this opportunity is his one and only shot at making it. Life isn't easy for an impoverished kid from the midwest thrust into the world of wealth, but he's lived life straight, eyes locked on the prize ahead. It's his one shot, but he's going for it with all he's got OotP

  • Hogwarts School of Warpcraft and Heresy

    Harry Potter returns for his Second Year at Hogwarts, and the Chamber of Secrets has been opened. But that is not the only thing that has changed. In the 31st Millennium, history has been rewritten, and nineteen young Primarchs have been blasted back through time to the close of the 20th Century, hidden far from the Ruinous Powers. And they too are attending Hogwarts this year!

  • Rising Tide

    The sudden arrival of the UNSC and ex-Covenant factions into the Andromeda Galaxy caused unmissable changes within the galactic community. But as the awe in the newcomers fades and time ticks down towards Knightfall, low tide passes unseen, and in the murkiest depths of the galaxy, the tide begins to rise... Inspired by UH-60 Nightstalker's "The Terran-Republic Affair"

  • The Perfect Storm

    The Chancellor is plotting his takeover as the Clone Wars rage on. The Covenant and its remnants are gone, and the UNSC and their allies have finally found peace. But when a mysterious portal appears over the Ark coupled with an ancient distress call, events no one could predict take place, and the galaxy is thrown into the perfect storm. Post Halo 4, Pre Halo 5