• Meddle not

    Theirs was a forbidden but irrefutable love. Add a good helping of denial, trepidation, severe consequences and meddling parents and you had the perfect recipe for heartbreak. When Draco and Hermione decide to take a chance on each other, will their love be able to survive the meddling of biased parents and well-meaning friends? Or were they doomed to fail from the start?

  • Dirt Road Love

    Trying to escape her past, Hermione runs into a stoic, closed-off Theo Nott on a vineyard in the French countryside. At first glance, there's nothing left of the gangly, nerdy boy from their Hogwarts years, but an unwelcome attraction is there from the start. Despite their attempts to avoid each other, their need for affection and company pushes them closer. Full summary inside.

  • A toast to bad timing

    After a mind-blowing night in Theo Nott's bed, Hermione leaves without saying goodbye. He's not the type of guy who entertains relationships or feelings, right? He enjoys his no-strings-attached dalliances without apology. Find the full summary inside.