• Heroes of Magic and Might

    No one knows why it happened, but the castle shook like the fist of an angry titan that night. Now, under the watch of the twin moons, the denizens of Hogwarts must make their way in this new world. Danger and intrigue abound; alliances are made and authorities challenged as everyone tries to assert their will through the powers of magic and might.
  • You're a Protagonist Harry

    Ever noticed how much Harry Potter has in common with Shounen. We did, and since we have no self-control, we decided it should have even more. Orphan with special powers, check. A cast of wacky characters with their own special powers, check. Super genki go getters and angsty brooding assholes… is any of this actually new? How bout a pygmy griffin that eats like a billy goat?
  • Hogwarts a History - Year 2 Compendium

    With summer out of the way it's back to school for a nice boring year of magical education, right? Not for Harry Potter. Crazy Quidditch Captains, adorable centaurs, stalkers and ninja's and spider girls, oh my. And this isn't even counting the crazy house elf or Slytherin's monster. What's a Harry Potter to do. Maybe get a shave?
  • Book of Shadows

    When darkness falls, you have to know it's because someone stuck their foot out. Hogwarts finds itself invaded from within by strange creatures and if that weren't enough, every witch and wizard has been magically granted their own personal grimoire. Where did they come from? What is their purpose? And what is their connection to these shadow beasts? Come in, and find out.
  • Grimdark

    NaNoWriMo 2019. After Harry Potter is thrown into hell, Britain falls to the dark. The lights only hope is to bring Harry back. But ten years have had their effect on him. Will he be the savior the light had hoped? Or have they merely traded one devil for another.
  • Encounter Random?

    Roll for a random encounter as Harry and company hit the road. New enemies appear to strike down our heroes, but they have to learn, things never go according to plan when Harry Potter is involved. The journey that began with 'Powers that be' and sailed through with 'Wild Waves, Wicked Women' continues, HERE!
  • Wild Waves, Wicked Women

    The sea, like a woman, is beautiful to behold. Beautiful, but dangerous. The waves are wild, the women wicked, in this sequel to 'Powers that be'. Yo ho ho, and away we go.
  • Hogwarts a History - Otter's can't catch what?

    Harry, or is it Thaddeus, meet Luna. Down the otter hole we go.
  • Hogwarts a History - Bright lights and the big city

    The breakout from Durzkeban hits a little snag. Ron and Harry on a whirlwind big city adventure.
  • Powers that be

    Step through the door to ADVENTURE! Harry Ron and Hermione find themselves flung into a whole new world with whole new roles and whole new rules. But don't worry. The dwarf on the unicorn will tell them where to go.
  • Tales from the Hog

    A series of snippets as part of The Houses Competition. Each one based on a different prompt. See my profile for a link to The Houses Competition and see what it's all about.
  • Night of the green fairy

    Who says you can't drink your problems away? Especially when there's a little glowy person to guide you. Happy 2019! Please drink responsibly. Now, let's rock!
  • Real Legends never die

    Because some people just have to touch things. One more time, into the breach. Merry Christmas folks.
  • The boy who was trolled

    Ever feel like your life is not in your control. Harry Potter knows that feeling. He's had it ever since the first time he died. See the hundred one lives of Harry Potter as he fights to survive and maybe find out who the hell is trolling his life's.
  • Hogwarts a History - Mazes and Monsters

    There was more than a Cerberus, a chessboard, and a logic puzzle protecting that famous stone. Low tier amateur dungeon dive. We are really bad at this. The horror... the HORROR!
  • It's the great pumpkin Sirius Black

    A Halloween story from the previous generation. Happy spooky day from 2018.
  • Hogwarts a History - first year book of spells, supplementary

    And so begins an epic tale. Or is it tail? Ah whatever. The first year at a new school is hard. But maybe the right book can change that. Or maybe not. I don't know. First of a brand new series. Hope ya like. Warning, not to be taken Sirius.
  • What do you think?

    With enough interest, these little ideas might become full fledged fic's. If you'd like to see that, leave a review and let me know.
  • Harry Potter D&D;

    Harry, Hermione, Ron, and Luna sit down to play a Dungeons and Dragons style board game and wind up getting sucked into the world of the game. Best synopsis ever. Take the November writing challenge.
  • Wild cards

    Years ago wizards from another world came to ours, bringing with them their strange magic's. Now, follow Harry as he explores this magic and the game that has formed around it.