• Living in Secret

    Daphne Greengrass has taken the Dark Mark and pledged her allegiance to the Death Eaters. Now, she and Harry must work even harder to hide their ongoing romance from the rest of the world, all while the ever-growing war threatens to tear them apart. Sequel to Living Dangerously.
  • Living Dangerously

    After an incident during a potions lesson, Harry Potter and Daphne Greengrass are forced to work together during a detention. One thing leads to another, and a sordid romance is born. How will Harry's girlfriend Ginny react? Much less the entire school population? Well... the plan is simple: They don't find out. REWRITTEN as of June 2017!
  • Phantom

    A murder occurs in Hogwarts. Tensions swell between students and staff alike. Harry Potter gains an unexpected ally in the form of Slytherin student, Daphne Greengrass. As the killers body count rises, it seems a need for safety isn't the only thing drawing the rivals closer.