• Providence and Predestination

    Bellatrix and Lord Voldemort meet once at an anniversary party at the Black house and then keep crossing paths in Knockturn Alley. Will they fight for their magnetic mutual craving despite disapproval and envy from the Sacred Twenty-Eight? A story of fated encounters that lead to something far deeper. A Bellamort romp.

  • Citadel of Mercy

    1996. Post-Battle of Dept. of Mysteries. As Bellatrix approaches Lord Voldemort's grand office within Malfoy Manor, her heart races with fear and longing, knowing she must face the Dark Lord's wrath for her failure in battle. But will her pleas for mercy fall on deaf ears, or will she face the full extent of his fury?

  • Affections Dark As Erebus

    Halloween, 1981. Voldemort's Killing Curse against Harry Potter rebounds. He awakens in Malfoy Manor in June 1968. "He had a second chance now, he thought, and he was absolutely not going to waste it." Bellatrix/Voldemort.

  • Curiosity

    After seeing Bellatrix delight in the carnage of battle, Voldemort tells her to meet him in his office. While waiting for him, her curiosity piqued, Bellatrix finds a book that will kickstart her study of the Dark Arts under her master. Once Voldemort arrives, he reveals his own curiosities to Bellatrix, and she's more than happy to oblige him. T-Rated Bellamort One-Shot.

  • Crowns and Sceptres

    Bellatrix is crowned the Winter Queen at the Sacred Twenty Eight's Solstice celebration. She catches the eye of Lord Voldemort, the last of the Gaunts, who appreciates her predilection for trouble and wants her in his burgeoning movement. As conversation turns to flirtation, the Winter Queen and the man who would be a Lord lean into the Darkness. Bellamort.

  • Wars and Warlords

    It was a deal. A compact. Her duty. Things were meant to stay purely physical. She was just here to serve his body's whims, to satisfy the basest urges he might possess. And she was more than willing. But nothing ever stays purely physical. The human parts always creep in. Bellatrix/Voldemort. Re-post.

  • Just Once

    Ginny is leaving Harry for Dean Thomas. When Hermione comforts him as a friend, they both admit something they've been hiding for a long time. My first attempt at a Harmony one-shot. :)

  • To Heal and Obey

    1970. Bellatrix is working as a Mediwitch at St Mungo's when a new patient is admitted. It's Tom Riddle, who's inhaled the fumes of a poison. He hears everything she says to him in his coma, and when he awakens, he enlists the assistance of this interesting young witch to help him get out of trouble with the Ministry of Magic. The two grow ever closer, day by day...

  • Palinoia

    Palinoia (n.) - The obsessive repetition of an act until it is perfected or mastered. Voldemort trains Bellatrix to be the mistress of torture his movement needs. But what she doesn't realise is that she's already everything he wants. Bellamort one-shot.

  • Never, Forever

    It could never have been Voldemort, but did it have to be Rodolphus? Lord Voldemort ponders the marriage of his favourite soldier.

  • Alborotodora

    Bellatrix es la acólita de Voldemort mientras todavía es una estudiante. Usando diarios encantados para comunicarse, ella espía por él. Pero la comunicación simple se convierte rápidamente en mucho más. ¿Qué sucede cuando las palabras escritas no son suficientes? Traducción de "Troublemaker". Parte 1 de 5. Bellamort.

  • I'll Teach You Differences

    1968. Lord Voldemort gains his long-desired teaching position at Hogwarts after subduing Dumbledore's mind. Bellatrix Black, entranced by Professor Tom Riddle, falls headlong into the world of the Dark Arts under his tutelage. He is more than happy to have such an eager pupil, but things quickly become... inappropriate... between Bellatrix and the man who would be her master.

  • Convict and Conscript

    Sequel to Revision and Rescript. Voldemort is the Dark Lord ascending, with time-travelling Hermione Granger by his side as the Dark Lady. But not everyone is thrilled about Voldemort's new vision for the wizarding world. When Odysseus Siegel makes a reappearance with a warning, Voldemort and Hermione are forced to draw from the other's courage and ambition. Tomione/Volmione.

  • Better Than Lunch

    It starts with filthy notes passed in lessons. It ends with something just a bit dark and very physical in a deserted classroom. And though lunch is skipped, both parties are more than satisfied. Tomione one-shot.

  • It's Only One Night

    Tom and Hermione are the Head Boy and Head Girl staying at the Leaky Cauldron. But with only one room available, they're forced to share a bed. There's only one bed, and it's only one night. She'll be one of his secrets. Tomione one-shot.

  • Dominus, Particeps

    Sequel to Inimica, Amator. As Tom and Hermione navigate life as newlyweds, Tom's enmity with Walburga Black threatens his ability to ingratiate himself into Pureblood society. Meanwhile, his aspirations at the Ministry of Magic send him soaring upward quickly - too quickly? And Hermione is hardly going to sit back and work a sales job through all of this climbing. Tomione, Tom POV.

  • Aboard

    "I was more than ready to take the helm of the wizarding world, Hermione, but I am not ready to put my little girl on a train and send her off to school, no." Hermione's eyes went wet and shone. She nodded and said in a thick voice, "Good." One-shot to accompany All The Wrong Choices. Tomione/Volmione.

  • Revision and Rescript

    Embroiled in an unhappy marriage to Ron, haunted by the scars left behind by Voldemort's assault on the wizarding world, Hermione makes the bold decision to travel back in time in an attempt to change the course of history as she's known it after being given a mysterious Time-Turner. What will become of her in 1968, and what will become of the world she's left behind? Volmione.

  • Ardor and Fury

    The story of Georgiana's conception. One-shot to accompany All The Wrong Choices. Tomione.

  • Inimica, Amator

    Hermione falls asleep in January 2000. She awakens in a Knockturn Alley flat in 1947. Confronted by the reality that she's been hurtled through time and space to the world of Tom Riddle himself, Hermione works to get back home. In the meantime, desperate for money, she takes a job at the only place willing to hire her - Borgin and Burkes, with the disarmingly charming Tom Riddle.