• Queen of Swords

    Hermione Granger is the weapon they never intended to create. And she will bow down to no one. / Voldemort wins AU. Slowburn Dramione.
  • Scripted

    Hermione Granger is a hopeless romantic with a checklist a kilometre long for her future partner. Draco Malfoy is a cynical, opinionated playboy with a less than positive outlook on love. When Malfoy crashes her carefully reimagined Witch Weekly after years of hard-earned prestige, Hermione is determined to prove to him that the perfect man does exist. Inspired by The Ugly Truth.
  • The Laws of Love & War

    They were supposed to be the antithesis of what the other wanted. Opposite sides of the war, family names with a history of bitter clashes… but James Potter found himself inexplicably drawn to the strong blonde from the Black line, losing himself in her for as long as he could. When war looms, so does the end of their arrangement, but goodbyes are always easier in theory.
  • Cat & Mouse

    One long week, two disguises, and a wealth of desire help Hermione and Cormac blow off some steam with a little game of cat and mouse. Cormione
  • Troublesome Business of the Universe Constantly Reminding Me of You

    Remus Lupin is self-sacrificing to a fault, but Hermione has no time for that nonsense. When he gets it into his head that he's no good for her, she lays a plan to force him into realising that she's exact what he needs. A birthday gift for mcal
  • To Love a Wizard

    A collection of Harry Potter drabbles and ficlets that will be updated as the plot bunnies visit. Multiple pairings, multiple tropes. Individual ratings for each chapter. I take requests if there's anything you'd like me to write; send me prompts and pairings in a review or pm! Reviews are love.
  • Parched

    Draco has always gone over the top for Hermione's birthday, but this year he brings her best friend into the bedroom. When Harry looks at her like she's the only glass of water for miles in a desert, Hermione is desperate to quench that thirst. A fic that is nothing but gratuitous smut and the tiniest bit of plot for my dear friend msmerlin. Dramionarry.
  • Independent Will

    Theodore Nott has always been the odd one out; lover of books & romance, he tends toward an innocuous existence living vicariously through the characters of novels he loves. One afternoon, though, a stranger in his favourite bookstore chair and accidental quoting start a whirlwind romance he isn't sure how to handle. Five times Theodore Nott almost kissed Hermione Granger.
  • Butterbeer Mustaches

    After the war, Hermione Granger decides to buy Flourish and Blotts and spend the rest of her life surrounded by books. Until, that is, she realizes just how much a certain Slytherin has changed after leaving Hogwarts. It only takes one cup of Butterbeer to get into trouble. / Fluff galore. One-shot turned multi-chap. I don't own these characters; they're just fun to play with
  • Love of My Life

    She was a whirlwind of joy and colour and light, and Theo loved her with an intensity that startled him. But suddenly, she was gone, and he still loved her. A tale of loss and healing. Loosely inspired by Freddie Mercury and Love of My Life by Queen. Written for Sing Me a Rare Volume 3.
  • The Devourer

    Darkness breeds darkness. In the aftermath of the war and amidst Voldemort's reign, two depraved souls find solace in the dance of their demons. Inspired by Nikita Gill's poem "The Dance" and written for the DFW's Nikita Gill challenge.
  • Night Terrors

    A story of heartbreak, grief, and love. A gift for PartyLines.
  • Night Terrors

    A story of heartbreak, grief, and love. A gift for PartyLines.
  • Until We Meet Again

    A ficlet prompted by the word "loss." Hermione Granger says goodbye to a life-long love.
  • Virtue and Vice

    Hermione Granger is going to seduce Draco Malfoy, but she needs the help of her old school uniform and a poorly-laid plan to do so. If the Slytherins wanted a show, then a show they would get. Written for Strictly Dramione's Valentine's Day Fest-rated M for lemons. Prompt #111: Go to Yale.
  • Valentine's Day Amends

    Draco Malfoy left Hermione alone on Valentine's Day, and he's determined to make it right. At three in the morning. With beer. And toilet paper. Perhaps his friendship with Harry was more than Hermione had bargained for. Inspired by one of Tom Felton's Instagram photos.
  • Written in the Scars

    As Hermione Granger grows, a scar resembling a word appears on her arm. At ten years old, the scar has coalesced into a single word: Mudblood. One day, the nurse that delivers her shows up on the Granger's doorstep. Hermione is a witch, and this man bears a foreboding explanation for the scar. A time travel fic in which the future has been tilted off its axis. Eventual Dramione. AU
  • Incorporeal

    Hermione Granger wakes up the morning after the Snatchers appeared, destined to complete the same motions of her last day as a ghost for the rest of her existence with little memory of her last living years. When an old enemy interrupts the solitude of her death, Hermione is forced to confront the echoes of her past and learn the secrets she can't seem to face. Self-harm warning.
  • Touch Your Fire

    When Hermione's relationship with Ron fizzles out after the war, she decides to take matters into her own hands and hosts a speed-dating night for single Hogwarts alumni. What happens when Hermione ends up in over her head with a smooth-talking Slytherin before she returns to Hogwarts? Written for Strictly Dramione's Summer Love Fest.
  • Mistletoe and a Miracle

    When Draco Malfoy runs into an old flame outside of the Three Broomsticks on Christmas Eve, he's suddenly reminded that he made a very big mistake by leaving. One-shot. Written for the 2017 Strictly Dramione Secret Santa Fic Exchange. Prompt #30: Chance encounter. Christmas Eve, the Three Broomsticks, Post Battle of Hogwarts, EWE. "Why? Are you afraid, Malfoy?"