• The Half-Giant Family

    Hagrid can't give Harry to the Dursleys. He knew what Petunia was like and he couldn't hand Harry over to her. So he decides to raise Harry instead, with the help of Severus Snape. Of course, things aren't always easy when raising a toddler in Hogwarts. Especially when he won't stop calling Severus 'mum'. Unity is coming to Hogwarts. Not a Snagrid. I don't own Harry Potter.

  • The Youngest Malfoy

    Severus finds femHarry being raped by her Uncle and removes her from Privet Drive. A diagnostic charm tells him that the girl isn't Hailey Potter, but Lyra Narcissa Malfoy, his goddaughter who was kidnapped the day after she was born and would be nearly fourteen years old; she was kidnapped by Albus, Lily and James. How does the story change? I don't own Harry Potter.

  • Lost and Found

    Inspired by Just Bearable by storysweeper. It's Harry's 4th year and he needs help, he goes to Severus Snape. But he doesn't know that, in this world, you can only be a male bearer if you are born from one. So with shocking, painful discoveries, will the two be able to handle all that the year brings? We shall see. I don't own Harry Potter.

  • Triad of Mothers

    Harry, Luna and Severus are captured by Death Eaters and forced into a ritual that makes them all pregnant with Voldemort's babies. Voldemort plans to raise the babies to help him take over the world as they will be powerful enough, but they manage to escape. Will they be able to protect each other, and their babies, from everyone who wants to hurt them? I don't own Harry Potter.

  • Saving the Future

    Dumbledore sends Hermione back in time to the Marauders' fifth year just before her fifth school year in order to save many people's lives, and the future as she knows it. She befriends the Marauders and falls in love whilst she works with the Order to destroy Voldemort once and for all. Will she succeed in her task? McDore, Hermirius, Jily, and more! I don't own Harry Potter!

  • A Potion's Miracle

    Harry Potter is involved in a potions accident which ends up with him de-aging to a foetus in the womb of Severus, a bearer. Severus can no longer spy, to the chagrin of Albus Dumbledore, but he uses it as an opportunity to show his true self, the person he has been forced to hide. And maybe he can save his students from the pressures of war. I don't own Harry Potter.

  • Future Potter-Prince's

    A different take on my story The Young Ones and LittleMissXanda's Young Princes. Takes place in Harry's sixth year, his and Severus' future children show up in the middle of the Great Hall and the two protect them, look after them, all whilst getting to know each other and trying to survive the war. I don't own Harry Potter.

  • A Veela Family

    Another Harry is Lucius' Veela mate story. But, I hope, with a twist. On the night of his 17th birthday Harry starts having dreams of Lucius' life. During this month is where their bond, and Harry's bond with Draco, begins to develop. Follow Harry as he finds a family, fights a war, and finds out who are really his friends. I don't own Harry Potter. Set in DH.

  • The Young Ones

    Four children appear in the middle of the great hall during the start of year feast during Harry's sixth year claiming to be the children of Harry Potter and Tom Riddle. Harry knows they are telling the truth and does everything he can to protect them alongside his not so secret group of friends and the Death Eaters. I don't own Harry Potter. Enjoy!

  • Bonds of Hope

    Harry comes across Draco being raped by some older Slytherins and he is angry. His magic lashed out and once the whole ordeal is over with he wakes up in the hospital wing to find out he is now magically and soul bonded to Snape, who has been de-aged to a teenager again, and Draco, who has also been de-aged, is now their son. I don't own Harry Potter. Enjoy!

  • The Twincident

    During an argument with Ron and Hermione, Harry, Fred and George are hit with a spell that changes their lives forever. How will Harry cope being pregnant with Fred and George whilst everything he thought he knew crumbles around him and the ones he once called friends now aren't his friends, and the ones he once called enemies aren't his enemies? I don't own Harry Potter. Enjoy xx

  • Knowing and Changing

    After the Battle of Hogwarts Harry goes to Gringotts. He finds out why things don't make sense. He isn't a Potter. His friends weren't his friends. He was being used this whole time. His whole life was a lie. A letter from his real mother, some memories, and a special time turner helps him to save the Wizarding world and give himself a happier life. I don't own Harry Potter.

  • A New Beginning

    Inspired by Second Chances by Slayer of Destiny. Harry finds himself pregnant with Voldemort's child due to a magical accident and the Order aren't happy, constantly trying to kill the baby. Harry, Fred and George escape and go to Voldemort, hoping for safety, and they might just find a lot more than that. I don't own Harry Potter. I hope you are all having an amazing day.

  • The Founder's Secret Garden

    Harry and others are pulled towards a previously unknown part of Hogwarts one night at the beginning of fourth year. There they are met with the ghosts of the Hogwarts Founders and are trained and led by the four in saving the wizarding world. Together with the aid of their new knowledge and their soul bonds they will forge the way to a brighter future. I don't own Harry Potter.

  • The Founders Awaken

    When Harry, Neville, Luna and Draco meet on the train to Hogwarts (for Harry's 4th year) they are met with memories of their past lives as the Founders and a power boost. They overcome the struggles of being teenagers, and the pressure of needing to fix their home and their world. Whilst struggling with confusion, pain, and trying to help each other. I don't own Harry Potter.

  • Back in Time

    Harry is killed by Ron, meets Death and Ignotus Peverell who give him some options. He chooses to go to 1947, fall in love with Orion Black, and attempt to save the world from everything because Merlin knows he was raised to save the world. Inspired by My Time by DebsTheSlytherinSnapeFan. I don't own Harry Potter.

  • Betrayals, Truths and Family

    On his 14th birthday Harry's life changes as he finds out that Snape is his father, and nearly everyone he has ever trusted in the Wizarding World have betrayed him somehow. Follow him on his journey as he makes new friends, finds a new family, and he is actually given the help he needs. I don't own Harry Potter. Includes Snily, Drarry, child abuse, Dumbles bashing, and more. T-M.

  • Severus' Daughter: Year One

    Severus arrives home to a letter that claims Rosalie Evans (femHarry) is his daughter. With his memories returned he must save Rosie from Petunia, heal her and raise her with the help of his family and friends. This only covers first year at Hogwarts. Slight Dumbles bashing, but he is mostly good. I don't own Harry Potter. Follows cannon with my own twists. Warnings inside.

  • Chicken Nuggets and Potion Masters

    So this is a very random one shot based on a prompt I saw on Facebook. It could potentially turn into more, but we'll see. I don't know what I was writing for most of it, I just kinda went with it. It is essentially Harry bribing Professor Snape into stopping his act with chicken nuggets and barbecue sauce. I hope you like it. I don't own Harry Potter.

  • Turning into more

    One shot! Steven and Astrid's friendship turns into more one day at school. Nothing in the series has happened and Steven doesn't have powers. Read and Review. Requested by EllisM.