• Long May She Reign

    Draco Malfoy had always been the suspicious type, after all it came with the territory. With DADA classes pure theory, he could see her suffering from the disuse of her magic. It was a very rare form of withdrawal and it was impossible for her to be going through. So how was Hermione Granger experiencing the last stages of family magic slipping away from her?

  • Life's Cruelty

    Sequel to Death's Mercy. Maia finds herself returned to the moment Draco sent her back and nothing has changed. She can't leave the world in the ruins Riddle inherited, and with the few survivors from the Battle of Hogwarts at her side, she will stop at nothing to stop him. Death had chosen her side once already, hopefully he would do it again.

  • Warbringers

    When Tom Riddle was vanquished in Godric's Hollow, there was no rebounded killing curse, there was simply a muggleborn police officer in the right place at the right time. Until it became the wrong place at the wrong time. The Wizarding World is under threat of extinction and Harry James Potter has no Dark Lord to defeat, but an entire Muggle Army.

  • The Daughter of the Sea

    Hermione had always been an intelligent child, when she felt her magic begin to surface, she hid it deep within herself. She'd kept her magic beautifully hidden, she never let even an ounce of her power out of the box she'd created. Whatever she was, it wasn't safe for her to be it. "Beware Hermione." Her father would say. "Beware the dangers this world created."

  • Project Fall Out

    What if Howard Stark hadn't died and was there to see Steve when he woke from being on ice for 70 years? Had he spent the entire time searching?

  • Her Story

    My interpretation of Skye's life before she was picked up by Coulson and his team. And possibly a little bit about what happened after.

  • Mirror

    'Jemma hadn't touched the ivory keys of a piano since she was reassigned to Coulson's team... she yearned to spend even one day at her piano... Silently he pulled the strap over his shoulder and started playing the song Skye humming a few days ago...Skye had been helping Fitz learn how to play the guitar for a week now and e was surprisingly good, and his voice was even better'

  • Lily Wolfe and Her Many Adventures

    Petunia and Vernon Dursley had a secret. A dark secret that Minerva McGonagall would have discovered if she had begun watching number 4 privet drive only two weeks earlier. The happy, very muggle couple, had a second child, or rather a first, a girl, born two years before their son.

  • Casseiopia Malfoy: Blood Traitor Extraordinare

    In which Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy had a second child, the twin sister of Draco Malfoy. Casseiopia is not the standard Malfoy that most would expect her to be, and she certainly changed things for her family as she began her time at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

  • Death's Mercy

    Before her end could come, Hermione was sent back in time to exist as someone else, someone new. She knows what she has to do, but actually destroying Voldemort will be much harder that it sounded

  • Running on Gasoline

    Hermione was different and everyone knew it. She'd disappeared for a few minutes, simply vanishing through a door and when they found her again, walking through the same door, she was older. And started crying. Because Hermione felt empty and full of pain at the same time. Because she missed the past. A past that she couldn't bear to leave behind.

  • Tea and Cakes

    In which Death enjoys a cup of tea while gloating to the Peverell brothers

  • A Sudden Rush Of Feeling

    Draco had believed every word his father said, followed every one of his commands, until one day, he couldn't. Draco had been numb for a while, and after a sudden rush of feeling, he left his old prejudices behind.

  • Erised

    A collection of short scenes where other characters from the Harry Potter books encounter the mirror of erised.

  • Harry Potter and the Order of Awesome

    Part two in my HP series. I hope you enjoy the few moments that I've written into the OOTP timeline.

  • Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire-Whiskey

    The title has nothing to do with the story other than it's a parody and saying fire-whiskey sounds great. Three girls get thrown into the magical world and things happen but that would spoil the story if I told you. All I can say is that there are lots of OCs and some details from JK's work have been changed to adapt the three girls in. Go on! Read and find out what happens!

  • Jemma had Jumped

    "Jemma had jumped. Fitz couldn't get the image out of his head. She was on the edge and then she wasn't. He'd tried to get to her but he wasn't the one who had saved her. It was all Ward." Just a little fluff for the site and my sanity.