• Is The Dark All Dark?

    The summer before Harry's 4th year another house elf appears in his aunt and uncle's house at number 4 Privet Drive giving him some news that will change his entire life. Follow Harry as he begins to discover and understand these changes as well as struggling through the newest challenges his 4th year at Hogwarts will provide. (Bashing of AD/MW/RW/GW) R&R

  • The Truth Behind The Light

    Harry and his twin sister Zia discover they are truly magically when their Hogwarts letters show up on the morning of their 11th birthday. However, questions begin to come to light when Harry's letters say a name that isn't his own. What happens when he finds out that maybe things aren't all that they seem? Good!Voldemort Dark!Manipulative!Dumbledore Possible Weasley Bashing. R&R

  • Hinata Loves Sasuke

    This is a story were vampires and humans are at war with each other and two young people who have been life long friends are caught in the middle. I know the summary sucks. Please R&R. UP FOR ADOPTION