Kineret G

  • One More Winchester

    Alexis Winchester is the unknown baby sister of Sam and Dean. She is not aware to the "family busyness"; she only knows that her father's name is John and that she has two older brothers that know nothing about her existences. (Full summary inside).

  • The Little Wolf

    Almost seventeen years old Alexandria Morgan went with her parents to their monthly camping weekend, little she knew how bloody it will be. It's new times, the werewolves are out in the open, and the humans are thrown once again out of balance and in to the world of the supernatural and fairy tales. What Alexandria have with any of this, she is just a human girl... right?

  • The Diary that Ended the War

    When Ginny Weasley packed her stuff to move in to the house of Black in the summer of her third year in Hogwarts, she stumbled up on a diary that she forgot all about. She opened it and wrote one word: Hello? Will she get an answer? And how will this one little diary will change her life again and also will bring the war to an end?

  • One More Salvatore

    Elijah was looking for the doppelgänger for five centuries, he finally found her, but she is not the only one he found. What will happen when Cassandra Salvatore will fall from the celling right on top of him?

  • New Comers- Sequel To Clawed Love

    Its four years later, two families or two packs if you like. New life, new problems, new comers. After all, it is Beacon Hills.

  • Don't Lose Hope: Sequel for I Knew You Were Trouble When You Walked In

    Toni joined Rebecca to keep baby Hope safe. But she also sent the Mystic Falls' gang as a backup team to the originals to make New-Orleans a better place. Will they save the city? And when will Toni come back to her wolfy?

  • Grimm

    Summary: There is a new Grimm in the picture, who is she and what is she doing in the castle?

  • I Knew You Were Trouble When You Walked In

    Antonia Rice is an 18 years old girl that just got to New Orleans, the kingdom of the supernatural. She knows nothing about the city or the citizens. What will happen when she will meet one citizen that answers the name Nicklaus Michaelson?

  • Clawed Love

    Two are coming to the little town named Beacon Hills. One: an Alpha pack. Two: Roberta Delgado. (oc) What will happen when the two will meet? More then that, what will happen when the dominant girl will meet the dominant leader of the Alpha pack?

  • Unexpected Ally

    Angela is upset and wants to talk with Bella that having her own drama. What will happen when Angela will join to Bella and Alice on their journey to save Edward's life, and how Demetri get involved with all of this? The story sets from the end of "New Moon" and on.