• Ron Weasley, Boy Who Lived

    Harry Potter is a regular teen wizard. Except he still has his 'saving people' thing. And Ron, the Boy Who Lived, is still Ron. Lilly and James are alive, Neville is a ward of the Potters & thinks he's the second coming of James Potter. And there is a marriage contract (gone wrong). Set during Fourth Year. (note: mild Ron bashing)

  • Dark Lord Weasley

    Just like it says on the tin. This is a plot bunny that I had bouncing around.

  • Misery Loves Company

    Love isn't always a force for good. A story where Harry is not the only neglected child at Hogwarts, and she didn't grow up to be a self sacrificing hero. Flora ! Creepy stalker. Starts fifth year.

  • The REAL end of the story

    We all know That JK Rowling is going to end the series in some improbable heroic fashion, But that's not very realistic is it? A poorly trained teenager versus a psychotic wizard that has personally killed dozens of Aurors and Hit Wizards?

  • Lunatic shopping

    This is an excerpt from Harry Potter: Zero. Luna convinces Harry to let her help him shop for dress robes for the Yule Ball. But is that really a good idea? Luna is the girl that wears bottle cap necklaces, and forget her shoes.

  • Harry Potter: Hero

    Voldemort is back, and nobody gives a damn. Or so it seems to Harry Potter. After his loss last spring, Harry decides he has to put a stop to Voldemort, since nobody else is doing enough. Combine that crusade with school work, relationships, a certain young witch who is confusing the heck out of him, and you get a really rough year. 6th year AU, third in a trilogy

  • Harry Potter: Zero

    Harry has avoided doing anything unusual or anything that would draw attention to himself for the first three years of his Hogwarts life. But this is Harry. The universe won't let him be a loser forever. This is the story of that change. AU, set in fourth year.

  • Harry Potter: Metamorphosis

    People change, some more than others. Harry started out a slacker that kept his head down and tried to avoid trouble, but fate threw him into the maelstrom. Now, he can either succumb to the chaos that is his life, or face it head on. And grow into something, someone, new. Year 5 AU.

  • A New Beginning: The Search for Harry

    Voldimort is no more, those that fought him are burnt out, but the battle against the Forces of Darkness TM is not over. The story starts slow, so be patient.