• Three and the One

    Voldemort is defeated, but not without loss. Harry survives. Hunted by a corrupt ministry. He makes a reckless decision and meets three blue eyed young women with a far worse childhood than his own. Harry Potter / Stepford Cuckoos(Three in One).

  • Valkyrie of the Blue Sky

    Carter finds trouble, but hey, what girl doesn't dream of super powers, even if they have a catch or two, and well, then there is the dress…

  • Sylvester and Tweety

    A good plan went awry, but at least Harry gets to stay with the lovely Fleur Delacour, if perhaps not quite in the way he would have preferred to. Well at least they have job prospects, so that has to count for something, right?

  • Destiny

    Harry died. Riddle's path results in ruin. Coordinators emerge with abilities above others. Jealousy and prejudice fan the flames of war. Everyone dies save a coordinator princess who risks death to try to make right what once went wrong; to break the never-ending chain before its biggest link. The story begins anew.[AU][Tri-Wizard][Harry/Lacus][N/Luna][Original arc, now w Hermione