• Returning To Normality

    Petunia receives a letter telling her about Harry's death. This is the unwanted sequel to "Who Ever Said That Soulmates Means Happiness".

  • Who Ever Said That Soulmates Means Happiness

    The world is a little backwards when it comes to soulmates. You usually find out who your soulmate is on the youngest sixteenth birthday, the way is different for everyone. There is a downside to having a soulmate though. If your mate dies, you die, and there is no stopping it. As soon as their heart stops and they take their last breath, you do to.

  • The Missing Marauder

    Lily wasn't the only Evans that was a witch, she had a twin sister. Now it's her daughter's turn for Hogwarts with Harry. The two are so alike from their eyes to their mystery beast speaker ability. We know her mother, but no her father. The only person who knows is dead. With good Malfoys and amazing friends, Calathea will find her and Harry's journey. M/M, F/M, F/F, and m-preg,

  • No He's Not

    It's time to learn about Unicorns. My take on 'unicorns and virgins' trope. Mentions of Drarry and Romione. If you don't like don't read. But other wise please enjoy.

  • Who am I

    Ayumi is Sasuke's twin sister and is engaged to Neji. After an act she becomes pregnant and flees to Suna. In a battle with Orochimaru and Kabuto Ayumi forgets who she is and who her daughter is. Will she remember or will she forever live in the darkness? NejiXOC, SasukeXSakura, ItachiXOC, and GaaraXTenTen (A.N. I suck at summaries and Non-Massacre)