• The Tiny Birdies of Thistle Lane

    Thistle Lane was the safest place in the world, wasn't it? When the unthinkable happens Hermione and Bellatrix race to save their children, and each other. A sequel to Our Mercurial Selves and House of Malfoy, House of Black.
  • I'll Follow You

    In a world where Voldemort won the First Wizarding War, Hermione Granger is an undereducated domestic servant with few rights. The brightest thing in her life is her mistress, The widow Bellatrix Lestrange. When Bellatrix is called to fight against the growing rebellion, Hermione follows her, and discovers that she's much more capable than she realized.
  • Unsteady Precipice

    When Hermione is killed during the final battle she is spit out into an alternate universe. Though she has nothing, Hermione is determined to prevent the future from happening the same way. Can she do it? And how will a certain pureblooded witch's obsession factor in? AU with time travel and daemons. Rated M to be safe.
  • Bellatrix Weasley

    After a mishap at the Department of Mysteries, Bellatrix is adopted into the Weasley Family. These are their stories. Or at least, a quick series of flashes in the life of Bellatrix Weasley during her childhood and years at Hogwarts. A crack fic.
  • House of Black, House of Malfoy

    Sequel to Our Mercurial Selves Hermione and Bellatrix's family is expanding! A one-shot look into the night that rebuilt the House of Black and the House of Malfoy.
  • Our Mercurial Selves

    In the wake of a tragedy Dumbledore seizes an opportunity to use a mother's plea to his advantage. Unfortunately he did not factor a certain Death Eater into the equation. (Not a part of the "Time Heals All Wounds" series)
  • As The Pendulum Swings

    Voldemort has fallen, and the Wizarding world has begun to recover from the horrors of the last war. As September comes, Hermione and Bellatrix return to Hogwarts prepared to move forward and leave the past in the past. But are things ever that simple? "SEQUEL TO TIME HEALS ALL WOUNDS" AND "A GOOD ELF"
  • A Good Elf

    With her Mistress' life in critical danger, one elf races to find the one thing that could restore Bellatrix's will to survive. SEQUEL TO "TIME HEALS ALL WOUNDS"
  • Time Heals All Wounds

    Are Murderers born? Or are they made? When Hermione is sent to the past she is forced to become acquainted with someone she knew she'd hate for the rest of her life. Rated M for later chapters.