Loads of Randomness

  • Standing Firm

    Tonks has left Hogwarts ready to take on the world and, more importantly, the Auror Academy. Between growing up, softening an old Auror's heart and, quite frankly, kicking everyone's butt, Tonks starts to find her place in the world. Sequel to Like a Falling Star.

  • Marauders: Fighting Back

    They're no longer children, not really, but they aren't quite adults. The War against Vikdemort is not going well and the Marauders are starting to feel the effects. The world doesn't seem quite so bright after all. Are they going to be able to fix it? Follow the Marauders and Co as they make it through school and try to survive young adulthood.

  • A Not So Bright Idea

    "The inspector is coming today. If he doesn't approve of our program...""Ok. I'll set a trap for him." "No..." Inspired by GabrielleRPollack Writing Prompt #15. Hotch really doesnt need Emily's inout here...

  • Plotting

    [Summer Dreaming #3] Tony now just has to figure out how to get pictures of a young Ziva from Israel to here... without her knowing. Should be fun.

  • Whoops

    Hotch gave his team an exasperated and helpless look. Reid's jumper was crumpled and on backwards, the v halfway down his back and Prentiss was shedding paper clippings. As was Morgan. He sighed heavily. It had to be today, didn't it?

  • Two In The Bed

    Completely inspired by a list of prompts by tumblr users /u/ruingaraf and /u/helloamhere. There's two people in one bed (of course it's the only one available) but it's not what you might think...

  • Let Freedom Ring

    [Ziva's Holiday Confusion #4] Ziva really does understand this holiday and, for once, she doesn't find anything odd about it. Tony isn't sure that he believes her. Though, she does question the need for explosions

  • Endless

    [Summer Dreaming #2] Sand, sand everywhere but most of it is in his shoes

  • Building Castles

    [Summer Dreaming #1] Tony is finding it very hard to believe that Ziva got to build sandcastles as a child.

  • On the Road

    Fully inspired by TFR's Road Trip Writing Prompts. Because shoving all four members of this team into a car for literal days is just too good of an opportunity to pass up.

  • After the Movie

    Ziva's sofa is a lot more comfortable than you would think. Or maybe that's because they were curled up together. Bit small though.

  • Dancing with Death

    Inspired by AnIntrovertsPen Writing Prompt #5 "Last time I danced with death, I stepped on his toes." Tony has a little bit of an incident...

  • Forever Falling

    Third in my 'Falling' Trilogy. They're back together but the world is falling apart around them. Marriage, the Minsotry falls, babies and more. Will they pull through it all?

  • Oh No

    "Oh no." "Was that a I-messed-up-dinner oh no or an I-forgot-to-lock-the-portal-gateway oh, no?" Inspired by GabrielleRPollack Writing Prompt #12. A silly little set in the far future/sci-fi-ish fic

  • Party Games

    The team enjoys spending time together, normally eating. Garcia has the bright idea that party games are also a good way to spend time together. Games which the team get oddly competitive over.

  • Harmless is Subjective

    "Please don't tell me you're bringing her." "She's harmless!" "She shot you. Twice." "It was an honest mistake." Inspired by GabrielleRPollack's Writing Prompt #10

  • What's That Smell?

    Smells can be very distracting. Especially when they involve your girlfriend

  • Sizing

    Emily tries to explain women's clothes sizing to a bewildered Morgan. Just a bit of silliness.

  • The Issue with Singing

    Tony knows Ziva can sing. He had never heard Ziva sing. For some reason Ziva doesn't WANT to sing. And, of course, he wants to find out.

  • Out From the Coma

    An introspection of each of the team's thoughts on their relationship with Kensi and her time in hospital. Set mid to late Season Eight while Kensi is recovering in hospital.