Loads of Randomness

  • Forever Falling

    Third in my 'Falling' Trilogy. They're back together but the world is falling apart around them. Marriage, the Minsotry falls, babies and more. Will they pull through it all?

  • Like A Falling Star

    Prequel to my Falling Series. This is a story about Tonks' life until we meet her in the books. Let's follow her as she falls over her own feet, trips over her words, stumbles into danger but always finds the strength to haul herself back up again.

  • Marauders: Growing Up

    Follow James Potter, Lily Evans, Sirius Black, Marlene McKinnon, Remus Lupin, Nymphadora Tonks, Frank Longbottom, Alice Smith, Severus Snape and Kingsley Shacklebolt as they grow up in a time of gathering darkness. Friendship, rivalries, idiocy and more.

  • Safe House

    What exactly happened to Ted and Andromeda during Chaoters 29 and 30 of 'Forever Falling'. Part of my 'Falling' Series

  • Up in the Air

    Harry just really wants Hermione to have a go on his broom. Just one, tiny, little go.

  • Not There To See Me Fall

    Second in my 'Falling' Trilogy. They've admitted they've fallen in love but they've fallen apart. What are the werewolves doing? What's happening at Hogwarts? Will their whole world fall apart? When will they pick up the pieces?

  • Green As A Toad

    In which Harry enjoys bringing a little of the past into the present and Ginny very much does NOT like it. Inspired by a tumblr post.

  • Falling Into Place

    Where Andromeda and Ted Tonks place a bet on what House they think their daughter will end up in. Which one will get it right? Set between chapters 23 and 29 of 'Like A Falling Star'

  • Hogwarts Snapshots

    A series of unrelated one shots of what goes on at Hogwarts. Based off reddit user /u/Atojiso's Pint-sized Prompts - March 2017. Will expand chapters based on requests

  • Stumbling Romance

    Side Story to my Falling Trilogy. Set during the fifth book. It had been more than half a year since Remus and Sirius got some stories about Tonks' childhood. What better way to make up for it than for her to spill one of her more "successful" Valentine's dates that didn't even end in a kiss?

  • Tripping Up

    Side story to the Falling Trilogy, specifically what Tonks and Remus get up to during Valentine's Day of 'Not There To See Me Fall'. They've fallen apart and neither of them are happy about it. Especially on Valentine's Day when all they can think of is each other.

  • For a Chocolate Frog

    Inspired by a prompt by AnIntrovertsPen. What happens when Ron discovers an unwelcome message in his chocolate frog?

  • That Halloween

    It's the 31st of October 1981 and Andromeda is relaxing between trick or treaters when she hears someone apparate outside. Who is it? And was Sirius the only person who knew of his innocence?

  • Extreme Boredom

    For everyone that has read CMBIF this is what happened to Hogwarts in the Marauders fourth year when Sirius got bored. To quote Remus, "It started will him giggling like a maniac and ended with all the first years being locked up in suits of armour" Oh no

  • Catch Me Before I Fall

    Tonks is falling over the umbrella stand, Remus is falling in love with Tonks, Tonks is falling in love with him. Will they realise it before it's too late? With some luck and Sirius they will! Part One in a trilogy

  • Romance in Runes

    Tonks has a bracelet with charms on it that Remus made for her. Each have a meaning for each impotant moment in their relationship and she can remeber each memory perfectly. My friend Mbali came up with the Title! Side story to my Falling Trilogy!

  • I Need You

    Harry knows what he fought for but was it for what everyone else thought? It strengthened him and gave him hope for the future more than any thing else.

  • I'm Sorry

    A missing moment between Fleur and Ginny. Set after HBP but before the start of DH

  • He knew what was going to happen

    This is what Severus Snape went through the night he died. My first fanfic and rated T just in case!