• Recherche du sens d'être (English)

    Darcie comes back to Hogwarts - this time not as a student but a professor. But will the old walls, hiding the memories from the past, be able to bring solace? (Translated from the Polish version)
  • Recherche du sens d'être

    Darcie wraca do Hogwartu - tym razem już nie jako uczennica, a nauczycielka. Lecz czy stare mury, kryjące wspomnienia z dawnych lat, będą w stanie przynieść ukojenie? Opowiadanie pojawia się również na blogu
  • Night Thoughts

    If she had only been there... Lily would not have died. Oneshot.
  • Second Chance

    After the great Battle of Hogwarts, when no-one is watching, Hermione sneaks out of the castle and instead of mourning over the deceased, she decides to save someone everybody has forgotten about. Little does she know this one act might change her life forever. Rated T for now, might change later.