• All Love Is

    Theo knows love isn't real. It's just a plaything, a pastime, a weapon that can manipulate people all too well. After Draco succumbs to desire and calls it love, Theo finds himself pulled into an entirely new circle - one where love is the most powerful magic of all. As it becomes harder and harder to cling to his cynicism, Theo begins to wonder... if love is real, what is it?

  • A Happy Ending for a Death Eater

    After the war, Draco throws himself into his work, determined that his only purpose is providing for his mother now that his father is gone. But his mother has other plans...and they include matchmaking for her son. When a younger girl catches Draco's interest, the man begins to wonder...can a Death Eater have a happy ending?

  • What I Deserved

    When Pansy was twelve, she was determined to become the next Lady Malfoy. Now, she's survived a war, and her life is so different from how she thought it would be - yet so much better.

  • After All

    Rose is having a bad morning, but one sweet gesture can turn all of that around.

  • Love & Support

    Andromeda chose Ted, and she hasn't regretted it once.

  • Predator

    It's been ten years since the Dark Lord defeated Harry Potter, and turned Britain into his personal playground. Draco Malfoy has survived by being useful prey, constantly living in fear. When an opportunity to shed that fear arises, will he take it?

  • Deluge

    Sirius is not dealing well with his confinement, while Harry is at Hogwarts for his fifth year. Remus worries.

  • Hate & Love

    It's been a long seventh year at Hogwarts without Dean.

  • A Keeper

    After the war, Pansy and Ron find their own happy ever after.

  • Purple Lipstick

    Hermione's newly single, and she's decided she's taking a break from boys. Cue Pansy Parkinson.

  • Together

    This was familiar, this was something they knew - banding together against a threat. It had been Voldemort, then it had been all the tiny difficulties they had faced rebuilding their lives after the war. Now, inexplicably, it was Voldemort again.

  • Can't, Won't

    Narcissa is dead, and Draco's loyalties are shifting.

  • Studying

    NEWTs are coming up, and Lily is getting more stressed every passing day. James just wants to help her unwind, but will she let him?

  • Fake-mate, Soulmate

    Ginny desperately wants Harry to be her soulmate, and Harry wants to be hers... but the possibility of having a real soulmate somewhere out there is intoxicating.

  • Caged

    Bellatrix wants to be more than a wife, and she'll follow anyone who can promise her that.

  • Chess Champion

    The eighth years may have gotten over their differences - but some still don't know how to lose gracefully.

  • Set My Cap

    Draco's hiding from his mother's incessant matchmaking. Turns out, he's not the only one...

  • Black

    Walburga Black hated one son with a passion, and loved the other furiously. To make sure she'd never have to live without her favorite, she invokes a terrible bond between the brothers. When Sirius is killed, Regulus is brought back. How will Harry, Hermione, and Ron handle the return of the wrong brother? And what was the real reason for the bond?

  • Possibility

    Harry can't get Malfoy out of his mind. When he gets a chance to help his Slytherin Rival, he takes it - if only Draco would accept his help.

  • Something

    It's mother's day, and Harry wants to do something for Mrs. Weasley. But what?