• Lavender's Last Dance

    The first thing Lavender noticed when she woke was that she could not move and that maybe she might be dead... Warning: Mentions of gore, blood, disfigurement, violent imagery, and allusions to assault.

  • Playing Doctor

    George's freckles aren't the only thing that is suspicious around the hospital... T for freckle locations

  • Bella Donna

    A bleak look at Harry and Ginny's postwar relationship

  • Plink

    Ron Weasley has met his dreamgirl. The pressure is on when he needs to craft the perfect text. Can his friends help him? Muggle AU

  • A New Shade of Lavender

    Celebrate International Women's Day with a refreshing story of female solidarity and overcoming uninclusive beauty standards.

  • A Sure Thing

    Ron takes Hermione to a very special place... Rated T for Towels

  • Last Night In the Dungeon

    What happens when Draco is found in a compromising position by Harry Potter

  • Moonlight Soliloquy

    Sirius thinks only of one thing when the moon comes out at night.

  • TransFROGurations

    After particularly nasty fight, Hermione is ready to swallow her pride and apologize to Ron...that is if he's still Ron

  • Severus Snape and the Hint of Humanity

    Luna Lovegood doesn't know when to give up the ghost...or perhaps in this case vampire

  • Come Away With Me

    Started out as a oneshot, but now is becoming a chronicle of the month and a half before Harry arrived at the Burrow in the Seventh Book, From Ron and Hermione's perspective of course

  • Points

    Remus Lupin was very generous with Hogwarts points. Here are some moments when he was especially crafty doling them out

  • Scheming with Skeeter

    Gilderoy and Rita are the best of Frenemies...and about to become much more

  • No Exhale

    Cedric is confused when he lands in a strange new location after grabbing the Triwizard Cup with Harry Potter

  • Binning Binns

    Ron Harry and Hermione have a frank conversation about the value of their Hogwarts education. Set some time after the events of the books.

  • Australian Ethics

    Hermione can finally bring her parents home! Drama ensues when there are some unexpected obstacles in her plan to restore their memories

  • Ahoy!

    One of the first of many misadventures of the Marauders

  • The Secret Ingredient

    Fleur and Ginny make fudge together

  • Scheming with Skeeter

    Gilderoy Lockhart and Rita Skeeter are the best of frenemies.

  • Bed Toast

    Ron muses over the new chapters of his and Hermione's relationship. Set a little more than a year after DH