• Come Away With Me

    Started out as a oneshot, but now is becoming a chronicle of the month and a half before Harry arrived at the Burrow in the Seventh Book, From Ron and Hermione's perspective of course
  • Australian Ethics

    Hermione can finally bring her parents home! Drama ensues when there are some unexpected obstacles in her plan to restore their memories
  • Ahoy!

    One of the first of many misadventures of the Marauders
  • The Secret Ingredient

    Fleur and Ginny make fudge together
  • Scheming with Skeeter

    Gilderoy Lockhart and Rita Skeeter are the best of frenemies.
  • Bed Toast

    Ron muses over the new chapters of his and Hermione's relationship. Set a little more than a year after DH
  • Emyr Ramu Oylli Wen Oimreh

    It's amazing what you can find in the Ministry's Department of Confiscated Enchanted Artifacts. Maybe even your heart's desire
  • Tales of the Hogwarts Babysitters' Club

    That's right, for today only, YOU can experience the first-hand thrill of meeting The Boy Who Lived when he actually was the BOY Who Lived!
  • Family Planning

    Scorpius is acting especially dodgy. Ron is suspicious of his intentions with Rose
  • Intertwined

    Revamped 8/15/15: Ron and Hermione dealing with the consequences of their injuries from the Dept. of Mysteries, together :)
  • Wedding of the Century

    Ron and Hermione are getting married! Drabble Compilation of random and Non-sequential hi-jinx involved Chapter 1: Practice Hermione just loves to be prepared, Ron Loves Hermione. George makes a cameo
  • Didn't See That Coming

    Oliver Wood's first quidditch match was a disaster! Now, after a bludger to the head, he fears he is losing his mind! T for Curtis Shire.
  • A Plot for Polyjuice

    AKA: Ron's first mission. The lengths Ron and Hermione go to preparing for their Horcrux hunt with Harry. Avoiding Mrs Weasley to plan is hard enough, but what about getting something past Mad-Eye Moody?
  • Late Winter's Night's Dream

    Shakepeare's tale 'Midsummer Night's Dream' Unfolds around with our favorite Hogwarts students! takes place sixth year! NOW COMPLETE! Please enjoy and Review!
  • Pork Chop

    Companion piece to Just Another Twilight Spoof. reading that is not nessesary but it will be funnier if you do! Summary: Its Dinnertime and Ron wants a second helping! T for minor lang, and innuendos! Enjoy and Review!
  • On The Common Room Couch

    Up late studying, Ron Overhears something he wishes he hadn't.
  • Mixing Mead and Mistletoe

    A first hand account of Hermione's "Date" to Slughorn's Christmas Party. Rated T for Drinking and unsolicited amorous advances, Coverart by a talented Artist that is not me
  • Only Bloke

    Another Revamp: Ever wonder what really happened the night before the second challenge of the TriWizard Tournament?
  • The 'Sham'rock

    THC Week Two Drabble - Ron seeks a post mortem with Lavender to discuss their ended relationship.
  • A Harvest-Moony's Homecoming

    Missing Moment: Where did Remus go after he resigned and left Hogwarts?