The Imaginative Babbler

  • Percy Found What?

    The gathering of worlds continues to watch Percy's life. Clarisse is angry, not to mention scared. Piper and Leo are tested seeing the siblings they've never known. The Big Three Kids go through an ordeal when one quest brings back parts of the past pain in their family. In the Fifth Book of Percy Did What? Characters learn what it means to be part of Percy's family and friends.

  • What Remembering Changes

    Harry has been through a lot during his first year. Dumbledore is well aware of that. What he did not know was about the dreams Harry had been having. These dreams, along with protective friends and family are what change Harry's path, giving him and his friends the chance to do more than they thought they could. Everything ends up a little better for them all because of it.

  • Suddenly I Remember

    After delivering Norbert to Charlie's friends (including Tonks) Harry begins to have dreams. These dreams give him insight into his past. He learns things about his family and slowly starts to realize he's no longer alone. As his memories resurface Harry finds his family in his past. His parents may no longer be there but Harry still has a family. (Including Sirius, Remus and etc..

  • Chaser Boy Parody of Skater boy, Jily in Snape's View

    Snape's view of James and Lily's relationship in parody of skater boy

  • Hinny Parody You Found Me by the Fray

    The chamber of secrets

  • Percy Jackson: Not A Normal Demigod

    Percy is the most powerful demigod ever seen. Is there a reason for this? and why was he offered godhood. Why do the gods pay more attention to him than any demigod ever before find out the answers here

  • Connected

    Harley has been having a hard time. When his small town was attacked by extremes soldiers the fires and extreme heat killed his sister and now his mother is in the hospital dying. Will his friend the mechanic come and help him or will he be left to cope alone

  • A Hero from Another World

    Thor has been acting strange since he saw a commercial for a new animated movie the other day. He drags the other Avengers to see How to Train Your Dragon, and then brings them to meet his nephew, starting a crazy adventure

  • Reading In Remembrance

    Harry and a selected group read my own version of In Remembrance. This is set during goblet of fire.

  • Nico Di Angelo Demons by Imagine Dragons Parody

    A parody