Elephant Travels

  • A Dragon's soul

    Sasha Greening was the third part to the slightly less than golden trio, the other two parts made up by the infamous Weasley twins. Best friends since their first day at Hogwarts she was very much a part of the Weasley household but a lifelong, very secret, crush on one of the older siblings and tragic events threaten to change everything irrevocably. Not necessarily for the worse!
  • The other chosen one

    What if Harry Potter wasn't the only orphan with a destiny at Hogwarts? What if the golden trio had a fourth member? JJ has had the best six years of her life since she discovered she was a witch and started at Hogwarts but now her life was about to change dramatically. Will she be able to overcome the terrible things that happen to her change the destinies of those around her?
  • Dragon Whispering

    She had never belonged anywhere and he had always felt out of place. Could their meeting be the start of an incredible romance or will it set into motion a string of deadly events that could end the world as we know it? Join Persephone on her journey of discovery and watch as Charlie learns a thing or two too!