• The Prisoner of Hogwarts

    A Series of One-Shots in which a badly treated, used Harry always chooses to do the right thing. Features badly abused, betrayed, tortured and imprisoned Harry. No dark or evil Harry to be found.
  • Dimension Hopping For Ladies

    Rose Potter vowed to defeat Voldemort in all forms after loosing everyone to him. Did I mention she knew how to dimension jump? Fem! Harry dimension traveler.
  • Broken River

    A new defense professor is needed at Hogwarts like every year, yet when an American Defense Master comes to teach at Hogwarts, Defense lessons will never be the same. AU 5th Year.
  • The Healer Stone

    Harry Potter refuses to fulfill his destiny, a destiny he promised before he was born. After his latest refusal he is sent back in time, in the body of someone else, in a different time….
  • Can You Hear The Drums?

    When you have a childhood filled with neglect and lack of love, you would've obviously fallen prey to the possibility of getting your parents back, hoping to be loved. Even if your father is the most powerful and dangerous dark wizard of all time and your mother being his most loyal, frantic follower.
  • Snape and Marge

    So thanks to a few twisted people out there who I admire so much, I am doing wrong pairings here. None are to be taken seriously! No under age or sex, just good clean fun to be had!
  • Wish Carefully: The Flip Side

    The flip side to the story Wish Carefully by Ten Toes, I love that story and wanted to Harry Potter's side of the story.
  • Scaring Malfoy

    Alastor Madeye Moody has been through several Wizarding wars and now peace reigns over the land. The remainder of the Order of the Phoenix are at Malfoy Manor, cause its large and well it annoys Lucius Malfoy and Madeye is bored, poor Lucius Malfoy….
  • Dueling Club

    What if in Harry's second year it is someone else who duels with Snape in the dueling club? What hilarity can ensue and how would Gilroy Lockhart react at someone else getting the attention?
  • Severus Snape's New Pet

    AU Severus Snape wants a new pet and revenge. In Fact he sees exactly what he wants for a pet when he sees a certain Animagmus out for a walk one day…
  • A Werewolf in WalMart

    It's a short time after the war with Voldemort and Snape has chosen to go to America for a conference. For reasons that will be explained Remus Lupin and Sirius Black go with him. They visit Wal*Mart one day...
  • Harry Potter: Auror Care: Moody's New Task

    Severus Snape has escaped Voldemort in a spectacular fashion after being found out by Voldemort to not really being on his side. It's up to one old Auror to protect and take care of him. Heaven help us all.
  • Lucius and Narcissa

    This is just a bit of fun with Lucius Malfoy and Narcissa Malfoy, they really do love each other, really love each other. Warning mature themes will abound as it's not just Lucius who has an active drive!
  • The Soapbox:

    This is going to be painful for some of the Hogwarts crew, but as the truth must get out the soapbox must go up...
  • The Raven's Call

    WBWL, Harry is sent away when Charlus is declared the BWL. World meet Harry Robert Evans, beloved youngest son of Vernon and Petunia Dursley, Ravenclaw and master schemer.
  • A Truthful Report

    A reporter comes to England with one thing on her mind many years after the war with Voldemort is over. That is to find the truth, how much is an author's take on the world and how much is truth? She is there to find out, squib or not.
  • The Trial of Hadrian Black

    This is a plot bunny that simply would not let go. Hadrian Charlus Potter, the boy who lived stands trial for the murder of his once twin brother's father Sirius Orion Black.
  • Valley of the Kings

    Severus Snape does not die at the end of DH, instead he ends up in America at the hands of one Melissa Scully. He starts a new life but with the alien conspiracy heating up can he stay safe even here? Crossover with X-Files.
  • Serving The House Of Potter

    I am taking this over from dunuelos, through a series of interactions: Ron Weasley is tasked by Arthur Weasley to have Harry Potter accept house Weasley as retainers to save Ginny from the evil plot by her aunt Muriel to seduce him and steal his wealth for herself.
  • A Different Road

    Based loosely on inkmonkeys's fic "Severus Snape Hogwarts dropout". Severus Snape has left Hogwarts intending to leave magic behind after the humiliation at the end of his fifth year. Someone has other ideas though.