• Water Worries

    Harry has a fear of water, when his nightmares manage to get even Ron's attention Ron comes up with a plan for how to keep Harry's mind off the second task. What happens when they go too far? AU. Contains Spanking. No Slash. Rated M to be safe.

  • The Black Heir: The Saga Begins

    What happens when the mistreated daughter of Sirius Black is eligible for her first year at Hogwarts at the same time as her father's escape from Azkaban and she is reunited with Harry Potter. The summer before Harry's third year might just turn out to be just as much of an adventure as his years at Hogwarts. (Eventual HarryXGinny) Rated M to be safe.

  • After the Pensieve

    After getting more than he bargained for when he looked into Snape's pensieve during his occulmency lessons Harry cannot deal with his confused feelings about what he saw. On the advice of a friend he seeks out a solution for his guilt. Slightly AU. Contains Spanking. No Slash or Romance. School based Corporal Discipline. Don't like, don't read. Rated M to be safe.

  • A Journey Through Christmases Past to Christmas Present

    Join each member of my AU Cullen Family as they experience their first and pivotal Christmases as a family. A look at the history of my AU Cullen Family, with Christmas as the connecting theme. (Based on Soulless Monsters and The Lie) CXEs, EmXR, EdXA, JXB.

  • Anything For Family

    AU New Moon. Set a month after Edward has left in New Moon. Rose's family are all miserable and this doesn't sit right with Rose. Rose loves her family; how far will she go to make them happy again. Canon Couples. Rated M to be safe.

  • The Black Heir: First Year

    How can a chance encounter with his Godfathers daughter change Harry's life? Warning will contain spanking of minors but it won't be the focus. Pairins HPXGW, NLXOC, RWXLL. Some Hermione Bashing. Rated T to be safe

  • Wild Ride

    Harry decides to take a spin on Sirius' Motorbike and gets caught. Severely AU. Warning Spanking. No Slash/Sex just parental spanking. Don't like don't read.

  • How it Should Have Been: Harry Turns Nine

    How Harry's life should have been if Lily and James hadn't died. It's Harry's ninth birthday, mischief and mayhem will ensue. Spanking fic.

  • Moon Lit Adventures

    AU. Harry, Ron and Hermione find out Remus' secret. What happens when they go out during the full moon? Complete AU, Sirius never in Azkaban. Set in second year, no Lockhart.

  • Underage Drinking

    Harry and Ron sneak some of Sirius' Fire Whiskey when he is in charge. How does Sirius react? Spanking, NO Slash.