• Aiding and Abetting

    In the dark and musty recess of the Ministry, Draco and Harry serve their suspension. Harry had come to Draco's aid, that's what landed him here beside him, but he hadn't known the details of what Draco had done. Not until now. One shot for Drarryland 2019.
  • Draco Malfoy and the Chamber of Secrets

    in the Chamber of Secrets, Harry Potter is given more support than a bird and a tattered old hat. For Drarryland 2019
  • Caught in the Act

    Harry agreed to meet Draco in one of the many abandoned classrooms along the dungeon corridors. Maybe if he hadn't been late, maybe if they hadn't made too much noise, maybe they wouldn't have been caught in such a compromising position.
  • Beside the Train with an Old Flame

    While dropping off their children at Platform 9 3/4s, Draco and Harry have a discussion.
  • Anything for Love

    Having no other choice, (or desire), Harry saves Draco from certain death. The two of them share a special moment before they're doomed to return to the war.
  • Grow Old with Me

    No longer young boys, Draco reflects on the life he and Harry have led together and how much he loves the "Boy who Lived". A sequel of sorts to "Comfort in Unusual Places" and "The Smutty Collection". One shot for Drarry2019
  • The Smutty Collection

    With too much time on his hands, Harry explores the contents of Draco's bedroom. What he finds is far from innocent, but useful all the same. This one shot was written for Drarryland2019
  • Losing You

    On that fateful Halloween when the Potter's lost their lives, they weren't the only ones to be destroyed. In the aftermath, Severus is forced to deal with his decisions that lead to this moment, that lead to her death. One shot
  • Lead Me to the Dark

    Voldemort isn't the only threat to the wizarding world. However, too concerned over the danger the Dark Lord presents, they're oblivious to a cause much more dangerous lurking in their midst. Severus had decided on his revenge long ago, now Lily is helping him achieve it. Dark!Lily Dark!Severus
  • You are the Reason

    When Severus gets the chance to go back and change his life, his first thought is Lily. Will he be able to save them all this time? Or will fate be doomed to repeat itself once more? Eventual Severus/Lily, rating subject to change.
  • Forbidden Love

    This fic is a collection of one-shots for Drarryland 2019.
  • Matters of the Soul

    When Lucius Malfoy receives a fate worse than death, Narcissa turns to an old, family friend in her time of need. Prequel to Potions and Perennials.
  • Big Surprises

    After a series of losses changes Severus, he returns to England. When Lily learns not all is as it seems in her life, she is surprised to find her old friend of all people is there for her. Together they learn to grieve and grow despite the circumstances and create something entirely new. Rewrites completed 1/18
  • Growing Problems

    PREQUEL TO "BIG SURPRISES". Before his reconnection with Lily, Severus spent far too much time exploring Europe. In an effort to cope with the changes in his life, he finds himself enraptured with a woman who could solve all his problems…or cause him more.
  • Potions and Perennials

    Severus' life is filled with obligations: serving Lord Voldemort, protecting Harry Potter, fighting for the light, and now – most recently – watching over Draco Malfoy. Acting as a soldier for opposing sides of war, he has to fight for those he loves most and hope there's enough time to save himself in the process.
  • New Beginnings

    Severus survived the attack of Nagini, the fate Lord Voldemort had chosen for him. But, he wasn't destined for a life of freedom. When he's released from Azkaban, he realizes that England only serves as reminder of his mistakes. Making his life elsewhere, he finds the piece he's been missing this whole time, just for someone to threaten that safety all over again.
  • Christmas Blossoms

    Severus loved Lily. After having a hand in her death, he spends his first Christmas grieving over things he wish he could change. In his guilty self pity, Severus is visited by someone unknown who helps him realize Lily wasn't the only one to love him.
  • Saving Each Other

    What if Lily and Severus had grown up differently? She was abused and mistreated, he was given the love every child should have. How would that affect their future? Their relationship? Would their story have ended the same way? . Chapters 2, 3, and 5 have been fixed.
  • After the Fall

    Severus Snape survived the attack of Nagini inside the shrieking shack. Narcissa Malfoy was his savior. Can Severus learn to live a normal life without a master to answer to? Can he do it without falling for an old friend? ON HIATUS, WILL RETURN!
  • A Light in the Dark

    Severus had never been good enough for anyone. The one person he cared about abandoned him and chose his enemy instead. He found a light in the darkness that was his life and she went by the name of Narcissa Black. AU, Severus/Narcissa