• More

    For sometime, Sirius had wanted more. He wants to want and be wanted. To love and be loved, and he wants it from Remus.
  • Wormwood and Asphodel

    Not only did Harry survive the attack of Lord Voldemort, but Lily did as well. While grieving over the loss of her husband, she reconnects with a certain potions master who vows to make amends. Enacting their revenge on Lord Voldemort, they find one another as they once were and rekindle a love they never thought possible.
  • The Third Brother

    Heaven or Hell? This was neither. What it was, I wasn't sure. All I knew was the pain that had tormented me for so long had dissipated and in front of me stood an old friend, beckoning me onward. Guiding me into the unknown.
  • Tattered Threads

    The world is ruled by the most ferocious creature of all — humans. Most are incapable of accepting those that are different from them — a stipulation that applies to Hagrid. But, the world of magical beasts is different. There he is accepted for every part of him, for the love he gives and is loved in return. Loved by one creature most of all — Aragog.
  • Heartbeats

    Many things are out of the question when you earn as much money as Arthur Weasley. Unfortunately, the thing Molly wants most of all in this world falls under that category.
  • Christmas Wonder

    Mistletoe and Christmas trees, kisses stolen beside them, in the dark beneath a snowy sky. These were things that Severus' holidays had never had. This year, Lily insisted on changing that. On giving him all of those and more.
  • Opposites Attract

    What if Lily and Severus had grown up differently? She was abused and mistreated, he was given the love every child should have. How would that affect their future? Their relationship? Would their story have ended the same way?
  • Golden Morning

    Harry loves the feel of the air around him, the empty space beneath him. He loves flying perhaps more than anything else, more than Hogwarts, more than magic. He did not, however, expect to train Draco and hs certainly didn't expect to add Draco to the list of things he loves.
  • Heart of Stone

    It had been there, reflected in the green of Potter's eyes, held lovingly in memory. How could Severus ignore it? How could he forgo his only chance, his only way back to her when Potter had just shown him where the resurrection stone rested? Severus had to find it.
  • Madness Within

    It's a monthly thing, the fear, the agony in his bones, and although the wolfsbane potion helps, Remus isn't sure how much longer he can do this.
  • Fractured

    With the end of Voldemort, they foolishly thought it would be the end to their pain as well. Instead, the trio has lived the following year trying to find themselves, trying to put themselves back together. Now, on the one year anniversary of Voldemort's defeat they get to remember who they lost and begin the path to healing.
  • But One Desire

    Six months in, six months to celebrate. Lily thinks an island getaway is the right choice, but Severus begs to differ. Which tide will pull stronger in the end? One shot for Battleships 2019
  • Just the Beginning

    It's December, seven months after Ron and Hermione began when they finally give themselves to one another. But, it's more than just an obstacle to overcome, an activity to enjoy. It's two hearts coming together to beat as one and Ron is beginning to realize just how much she means to him.
  • A Shell of What Was Once

    Lily saved him. And again. More times than he could count. But he couldn't save her. He kept going though, holding on for the war, walking on in her name as the memories of her face fell away. Until the memories were worn so thin that he stepped into the place he most hated just to touch them again. A letter. A photograph. The memory of a moment. Enough to keep him going…to the end
  • Professor Snape and the Very Bad Day

    With someone stealing from his stores, Professor Snape decides a substitution in today's potion must be made. He made the necessary calculations, it should have gone perfectly. Instead, a classroom of lustful students are advancing on him. Oneshot for Battleships 2019.
  • Happily Never After

    Swept away by the tales of finer things, of a love one could only dream of, Merope lives her life wishing to be in a fairytale. When the opportunity to live her own becomes available, will it end like the fairytales she remembers? Canon Compliant
  • For the Guilty

    Nagini had failed to take his life in the shack. By some miracle, Severus had survived, only to be face with another trial, another dark wizard. The problem this time, is not everything is what it appears to be. Originally posted as "New Beginnings"
  • Chronic

    Severus made a grave mistake by joining Lord Voldemort and he paid for it with his body. Lily lost the man she loved to the war, James Potter. With both of them missing pieces of their lives they find themselves relying on each other. Chronic illnesses, sick!Severus
  • Missing Pieces

    Severus made a grave mistake by joining Lord Voldemort and he paid for it with his body. Lily lost the man she loved to the war, James Potter. With both of them missing pieces of their lives they find themselves relying on each other to fill the holes they've created. Chronic illnesses, sick!Severus Being rewritten as of 1/18/19. Chapter 1 and 2 completed.
  • Of Eagles and Serpents

    Having made mistakes when he was younger, Severus now lives in Basilnell with his young daughter. Life in the Snape home is seemingly normal despite the war raging outside until a known death eater - Lily Evans - knocks on their door and foretells of a danger that's coming to get them.