• Wormwood and Asphodel

    Not only did Harry survive the attack of Lord Voldemort, but Lily did as well. While grieving over the loss of her husband, she reconnects with a certain potions master who vows to make amends. Enacting their revenge on Lord Voldemort, they find one another as they once were and rekindle a love they never thought possible.
  • The Tides of Time

    With the theft of a time turner and only one thought in mind, Severus returns to a time before everything went so very wrong, a time when Lily was still alive. He can only hope it's enough to stop Lord Voldemort before Severus' life falls apart...again.
  • Zugzwang

    In a world where Lord Voldemort survives and Harry does not, Draco is just trying to keep his head above water. Trying to stay alive with a world and a Master who wants his very kind dead. He's lost everything else. He can't lose Ron too.
  • Expectations

    Tom Riddle had managed to create a spell that will ensure his power within Hogwarts, that will give him the things he desires most. When the spell backfires, Tom finds himself expecting something else entirely.
  • Among the Stars

    His history lay amongst the stars, his name, his family, his most precious memories of his mother. Now, when Scorpius seems to need her most, it is in the stars that he finds her again.
  • Regret Takes Hold

    At the height of the Second Wizarding War, when the world seems darkest of all for Severus, he needs any glimmer of hope that he can find. This particular hope is in the form of a photograph of Lily and the murmur of a spell that takes him back.
  • Maybe

    With Lord Voldemort's defeat came heartbreak and so much loss, sorrows and never-ending strings of "maybes". Draco thought that was it, thought himself destined to live with his regrets. But maybe the end of the war also brought second chances, new beginnings, and a chance to say he was sorry.
  • Regrets Beneath

    The cave in which Lord Voldemort hid one of his Horcruxes holds things that are more terrifying than the inferi that fill the sea. For Regulus, that's old scars and memories of his brother more painful than the water that threatens to drown him.
  • Shades of Green

    Both blanketed in the grey of their choices and bound to the light by the people they loved, this is the story of Severus Snape and James Potter and the paths they took to become heroes.
  • Ticking Trousers

    A simple thought set things in motion — literally. Now, something is swinging beneath the Dark Lord's robes and the embarrassment may kill him. Written for the Cards Against Muggles Crackfic Fest by Hermione's Nook.
  • Moments in Ink

    The end feels so close, the threat of Lord Voldemort looming just in the shadows behind them. James feels rushed, powerless, and this is the only thing he can think of to solve it: his final love letter to Lily.
  • Sorrow and Regret

    There are days when the grief of Severus' actions consume him. This is just another.
  • Enough

    I hadn't expected the pain that would come, that placed me in this hospital. Hadn't expected the fear or the heartbreak. We hadn't planned on it. But, it had come anyway and now I was fighting for my life and my child for hers.
  • For Harry

    Money, safety, stability. These are the reasons that bring Remus to this interview for a position within Hogwarts, but he is here for more. He is here for Harry.
  • Different this Time

    Harry was supposed to be training him to be an Auror. Instead, Draco has become his partner on a case that is all too familiar.
  • Escape

    Harry and Hermione had fought hard enough, survived in a war they were meant to lose, and had come out in the end with each other. Now, it was time for quiet, for reflection, for an escape — together.
  • More

    For sometime, Sirius had wanted more. He wants to want and be wanted. To love and be loved, and he wants it from Remus.
  • The Third Brother

    Heaven or Hell? This was neither. What it was, I wasn't sure. All I knew was the pain that had tormented me for so long had dissipated and in front of me stood an old friend, beckoning me onward. Guiding me into the unknown.
  • Tattered Threads

    The world is ruled by the most ferocious creature of all — humans. Most are incapable of accepting those that are different from them — a stipulation that applies to Hagrid. But, the world of magical beasts is different. There he is accepted for every part of him, for the love he gives and is loved in return. Loved by one creature most of all — Aragog.
  • Heartbeats

    Many things are out of the question when you earn as much money as Arthur Weasley. Unfortunately, the thing Molly wants most of all in this world falls under that category.