• Catch Me Always

    The amount of time necessary to fall in love depends on how far is needed to fall. The fates of Hermione Granger and Draco Malfoy are hopelessly entwined- from middle, to end, to beginning. "Please don't let me fall- but catch me always."
  • Worried Sick Over You

    When your soulmate is sick, you can feel their symptoms in the hopes that these clues will lead you to them. The idea of real soulmates is foreign to Hermione Granger, and Cedric Diggory is drawn to his other half under the most severe circumstances.
  • Adventures of Muggleborns

    Wizards are clueless when it comes to most aspects of Muggle culture, as the muggleborns of Hogwarts quickly discover.
  • The Rising Sun

    Ilvermorny isn't the only magic America's got. What better way for Hogwarts to prepare for holding a grand tournament than by hosting an international student as a trial run? Sometimes the lone pawn can upset the chess game.
  • Brother, Flower, Captain, Song

    He told her stories, leading her to dream of falling for her Captain in a dark cloak, fighting alongside the loyal melody, showing the flower the sunlight. After a choice sends her tumbling through the Vortex, she begins to live the timeline in the wrong order, leaving her with loads of spoilers and truths she wished she didn't know... (Not an OC/Doctor pairing)