• Endeavor

    Teddy Lupin just wants a job that is even remotely related to his shiny new marketing degree. But when Harry helps him find a job with Ron's bakery empire, Ted isn't prepared for his new coworker - the niece of the CEO to change everything. Tedoire Muggle AU. Everyone is alive. Rated T. Next Gen AU.
  • Quondam

    Andromeda Tonks has thrown everything into her grandson, but tonight she'll see how much of that love just gets passed around. Prompt from ThisIsMegz. Next-Gen family fluff. One-shot. Rated T.
  • Ojalá

    Ojalá – (Spanish) looking forward with optimism, hopefully, God willing. This is a collection of AU Blackinnon One-shots. Some will be MuggleAU, some will be TheyLiveAU, but all will be happy and fluffy.
  • Saudade

    Saudade – (Portuguese) a feeling of longing, melancholy, or nostalgia. This is a collection of Sirius Black and Marlene McKinnon one-shots, in no particular order. Mauraders Era. Sirius/Marlene. Rated T. One-shots. In Progress. Everything belongs to JKR.
  • Marrers

    marrer: (slang) Northern English or Scottish 1. a friend, companion, or workmate (often used as a form of address). 2. something that forms a pair with something else; a counterpart or twin. A Hinny One-shot. Muggle AU. Fluff. Based on a prompt from the amazing ThisIsMegz!
  • Quarry

    Marlene has sworn to protect Princess Lily, which means she's going to be following her on a runaway journey from the arranged marriage Petunia has put together. Sirius has sworn to protect King James, which means he's going to be following him on a secret mission to find out what's going on in the faraway country of Privet, and why they want him to marry their princess.
  • Prefix

    Being a godfather can be complicated, especially when you're Harry Potter, but thankfully his godson is always ready to set him straight. Happy birthday ThisIs Megz! Hinny family fluff piece. One-shot. Rated T.
  • Salient

    There's something magical about his waitress, and Al is determined to get to the bottom of it. NOT CURSED CHILD COMPLIANT! This story is from my earlier story Portent. Fluff. Albus Severus/OC. NextGen fluff. Multi-chapter. Updates every other week.
  • Affinity

    Sometimes the people we love are our best distractions. A prompt from the fabulous ThisIsMegz. Thank you, darling! Hinny one-shot. Post-Hogwarts. Fluff!
  • Christmas in Quarantine

    Quarantine has a way of making us want to have the best things in life, the things we can't have now. For Harry and Ginny, this involves hauling out the holy, playing carols, holiday treats, and a little of Christmas, right this very minute. For gryffindormischief, petals-to-fish, inakindofdaydream, & shining-jul-of-hope. Modern Muggle AU. Hinny Quarantine. FLUFF!
  • What-if

    James is determined to show Lily she's asking all the wrong questions. Modern Muggle AU. Jily fluff. One-shot.
  • Eventuate

    Age tends to give us new perspectives, and Ginny is looking at her career in a new way. Hinny fluff. Post-Hogwarts. One-shot.
  • Almost

    James has spent the majority of his life letting Lily be his almost, but today that's all going to change. James/Lily One-shot. Muggle AU. Fluff. Rated T.
  • Evocative

    She's looking at him and he doesn't know why. He's doing things, and she doesn't know how. But it's all leading to one place. Harry/Ginny one-shot. Post-Hogwarts. Fluff.
  • Vicissitude

    Sequel to my story Preponderance. Hermione's one request with Ron's YouTube career is that he keep her and their daughter off-camera. But with Hermione expecting their second child and both parents beyond exhausted, one sweet little girl is about to make her YouTube debut. A story for Once Upon My Story. Romione One-shot. Fluffy family fun. Modern Muggle AU. YouTuberRon.
  • Consanguinity

    Teddy has been there for everything, up until his first year of Hogwarts. Now that he's coming home, he's looking forward to seeing everyone, and specifically seeing what's he's missed with a very special sibling. Teddy and Potter family one-shot. For @ThisIsMegz, Happy Christmas my friend!
  • Seasonal

    Christmas always comes early to the Potter home, but will Lily be able to love it as much as James does? Jily. Fluff. Marauders Era One-Shot.
  • Marcid

    Harry loves time spent with the Weasley family, but he's most fond of his time with one in particular. Post Deathly Hallows Harry/Ginny one-shot. Fluff.
  • Descry

    Lily Luna is two years out of Hogwarts and still trying to figure out what's next in her life. Thankfully, an old friend happens to have an idea, and she's going to run into him at a pet shop of all places. One-shot. Lily/Lysander fulff story. Next Gen. Not Cursed Child Compliant.
  • Patient

    Ginny never wanted to end up a wedding coordinator, especially when at 35 she hasn't had her own wedding. But when she loses her big corporate event planning position, she's more or less forced into the position. It's not all bad though, Ginny gets to plan Victoire's wedding, and she's rather taken with the fiance's godfather. Muggle AU. Harry/Ginny fluff story.