• Mirror

    Oneshot: Sirius asks Lily dramatically out, like James has done many times the past years to get across a point.
  • Depulso

    Sirius Black pranks professor Flitwick during charms with James Potter.
  • A challenge

    Oneshot. James Potter is challenged to teach a transfiguration class as Professor McGonagall.
  • A shoulder to lean on

    One-shot about professor Trewlaney if she knew she was a seer. Features Dolores Umbridge and Fillius Flitwick.
  • An odd, perfect fit

    Dumbledore has just tracked Remus down to offer him a job as the DADA teacher. Remus feels old feelings resurface and kisses Albus.
  • Why not Rose?

    AU One-shot. Petunia Evans is upset as she goes out with Vernon Dursley, however he just upsets her more and she runs into two wizards: Arthur Weasley and Sirius Black.
  • Guts

    Regulus had always been observant. Severus had always loved Evans, of that Regulus was sure. Now the dark lord was after Evans' family. Regulus himself no longer had the guts to serve the dark lord. With Severus on his side he would make Voldemort mortal again. AU
  • Grow little brussel sprout

    What if the sorting hat did not listen to Peter's wish to be sorted into Gryffindor? Could the house so often regarded as the house of evil and full of Death Eaters make the eleven year old shy Peter a decent man? This is a story of what could have been.
  • An unlikely chance

    Narcissa is thrown back in the first world war. She is pregnant with Draco again and finds Reg in the cave.
  • I think I am allergic to you

    Severus creates a potion that makes James allergic to Lily. Will he still be able to win her heart? And what about the side effects?
  • Take on me

    When Ginny is sorted in Slytherin, Draco's life takes a turn. Starts at the end of Draco's first year. DracoPOV
  • Imperious

    Arthur Weasley fought in Flourish and Blotts with Lucius Malfoy. Arthur is not the kind to just get into a bawl and a few taunts about money are not the reason. Features memories about when he was under imperious and the death of the Prewett twins.
  • The forest is calling

    One-shot Hagrid tries to sneak into the forbidden forest in his second year during a quidditch match.
  • First day

    Tonks first day at Hogwarts
  • Collecting Norbert(a)

    Charlie Weasley collects Norbert(a) along with a colleague and Tonks
  • Chocolate

    One-shot in which a worried Percy takes Ginny to madame Pomfrey. After what happened with Tom Riddle, she is badly affected by the dementors. She gets addicted to chocolate, trying to fight panic attacks caused by the dementors.
  • A different prophecy

    AU. Draco is the child of the Prophecy. One-shot featuring the night Voldemort attacked the Malfoys.