• I'm begging for you (to take my hand)

    A collection of sentence prompt fills, all of which are centered around, and pair, James Potter and Hermione Granger romantically. (1) "Apparently all our friends have a bet going that we end up together."

  • I've come to burn your kingdom down

    When Steve is sent in to apprehend the extremely skilled assassin, Darcy Lewis, he finds more than he bargained for, and a very unexpected ally in the process.

  • Don't you just love the desire taking hold of you

    Instead of paying attention during a meeting, Oliver spends most of it telling Felicity what he wants to do to her as soon as it's over... and then he follows through with his promise.

  • there is no sweeter innocence (than our gentle sin)

    If he'd had to describe Bonnie, it would have been the eye of the storm. The center of chaos; unrestrained beauty, power and control just waiting to explode and rain down vengeance and glory on all around her. [Vampire!Bonnie/Witch!Damon AU]

  • isn't it funny how goodbye sounds

    When Stefan, in a bid for revenge, searches out Caroline to point him toward Enzo, she decides a heart-to-heart is far more necessary. Reconciliation is what she wants, but is it what she gets? (6x03)

  • hold me (like I was born to be held)

    His heart was written off in 1864, when he fell in love with a face and a dream that only took 145 years to come true. She can't compete with that, so she doesn't try. She just takes.

  • I didn't know I was looking for you

    Oliver has spent his whole romantic history looking for the next beautiful girl to distract him, but when he meets Felicity Smoak in a coffee shop, that wandering eye suddenly stops. [what does home look like? 'verse]

  • what does home look like?

    (au) For most of her life, Felicity Smoak grew up with her father in Coast City, only visiting her mother Dinah and the Lance family in the summers. But when her father drops her off for an unexpected visit and doesn't come back, Felicity is forced to figure out what 'family' really means. And, in the meantime, falling in love with the local billionaire can't hurt, right?

  • hold on tight (never let me go)

    Felicity enjoys Oliver's Olympic cuddling skills. ['we keep all our promises' verse - future!ficlet]

  • you make me feel like I am home again

    Felicity and Oliver have been sleeping together for 8 months; an office tryst and 3 words redefine everything.

  • glory and gore (go hand in hand)

    (au) In the high-stakes game of sniping people, Darcy Lewis is the best assassin for the job. And she's just been given her biggest mark yet: The Winter Soldier. Usually, this wouldn't be a problem; she'd happily add him to her list of accomplishments. Only, then she goes and does something stupid; she falls in love with him.

  • we keep all our promises (be us against the world)

    [au – no island] Oliver Queen has no idea what he's doing with his life, but when his father gives him an ultimatum, he has to figure it out. After meeting Felicity Smoak, he finds himself on a new path and his eyes are opened to what happiness really means and how finding it takes more courage than he ever thought he had.

  • This Was Not Part of the Plan

    See, the potion could not – would not – turn blue. No, because if it did, and it wouldn't, then Hermione Granger – very much unattached – would be pregnant. With a Weasley.

  • magic, madness (heaven, sin)

    A collection of various Bonnie/Damon prompt fills. [31] "Please, come with me."

  • you know I will adore you ('til eternity)

    "Run all you want, but it won't change anything, Bonnie. It doesn't matter what world we're in, you'll always be my wife." After being sucked up into what they assumed would be oblivion, Damon and Bonnie soon find themselves in an idyllic little town where they're free to find peace. Which is exactly what they have for fifteen years, until reality comes calling to bring them home.

  • you're the one that moves me like nobody else

    Steve just wanted his best friend back. But now that he's found him, there's a complication. Bucky agrees to come home under one condition; his wife comes too. In theory, that's easy; in reality, not so much. Darcy Barnes? Currently a brainwashed killing machine bent on returning her husband to HYDRA's clutches.

  • you could be the king (but watch the queen conquer)

    [Bratva AU] Felicity Queen sees only one thing when she looks at the Bratva: family. With betrayal around every other corner, she walks a minefield trying to keep hers safe while playing politics for the public. If you can get a seat at the table, you're as good as blood, but betray the family, and the consequences are deadly.

  • blood is blood (and we share the same)

    Fed up waiting for the Mystic Falls gang to get her cousin back to the land of the living, Lucy takes it upon herself to bring Bonnie home, whatever means necessary, and shares some hard truths as she does it. (Bonnie/Lucy family feels with a side of Bamon)

  • what's in a fortune (if the telling is free)

    Darcy has always been able to see the future, a gift passed down on her mother's side of the family, but knowing her own fate was not something she wanted. When Steve Rogers comes into her life hoping she can point him toward Bucky, her future is quick to ignore her preference and smacks her in the face with not one, but two soul mates.

  • so you think you can tell (heaven from hell)

    As far as happy stories go, this was that. The beginning, the middle, they were the happiest times either of them ever knew. It's the endings that are sad, and every story has one. Some are just sadder than others.