• Afflicted with Filth

    Even if she doesn't know the world, or herself, she'll always dream of washed-out stations and a boy draped in black. [NaNoWriMo challenge - Achieved. Grey/Dark OC. Semi-AU/Canon AU.]
  • Tom and Evie

    Tom Riddle Jr has always believed he was special, but having a girl only he can see constantly criticising him wasn't what he had in mind. [Semi-AU/Canon AU. Crack. Ghost OC.]
  • Tainted by Filth

    "Did you know," she murmurs, drawing her legs to her chest as she stares up at him, "that I'm a mudblood?" [Semi-AU. Grey/Dark OC.]
  • Changing Shape

    "Yours, Tom," she answers, and he burns like he's staring into the sun as her irises lighten to a dark brown that would match his own. "I was made for you." Her words are said like an indisputable fact and the weight of it threatens to crush him entirely. [AU. Grey OC.]
  • Seal of the Maelstrom

    She was one, then she was two. He was whole, then he was not. They were lost, until they were found. Within a world both familiar and new, she would set them on a path of unknown destruction for the sake of no one but herself. [AU. Dark/Insert/Antagonist OC. Previously known as, 'Seal of the Uzumaki'. INDEFINITE HIATUS.]
  • Le Strange Occurrence

    In which Professor Riddle realises he actually has feelings and the one to blame is the woman who was supposed to be his student but now resembles the Harbinger of Death. Also, the world is sort of falling apart but that's rather minor compared to his rapid fall into insanity. AU. Oneshot.
  • Black Demon of the Leaf

    She was a citizen of the fictional Konohagakure, member of a clan that shouldn't exist and an adult mind in the body of a child that possessed unusual traits. She wasn't good nor was she innocent, but can Konohagakure redeem her or lead her further down the path of corruption? SI/Dark OC. Semi-AU. Rewrite of I'm a What? DISCONTINUED. Being rewritten.
  • Carmine and Bubblegum

    There were those who believed that ninja with civilian backgrounds were inferior to ninja hailing from clans. She believed otherwise. Grey OC. AU. Non-Massacre. UNDER REVISION.
  • House of Anguis

    Having the Boy-Who-Lived attend Hogwarts was already the beginning of years of drama and trouble, but the House of Anguis just had to throw in their long-lost heirs into the mix and cause a ripple that would throw everyone for a loop. Diverges into AU. Grey OC-centric.
  • The Uzumaki Seal

    She was on her deathbed, and had wondered if reincarnation worked. Apparently it did, and in the strangest ways. In her former life, she learned to accept things as they came... most of them, anyway. Self Insert/Anti-hero/Antagonistic/Grey OC. Rating may change. DISCONTINUED. Rewritten as 'Seal of the Uzumaki'.