• Four Days

    Harry Potter has been missing for four days. As Minister, Hermione has to be strong and portray a confident front, but inside, she's falling apart. Written for the HMS discord 4k competition.

  • The Muggle Way Around

    Faced with the second task, Harry is trying to figure out how to survive. What happens when he realizes magic isn't always the best solution?

  • Little Bits of Magic (AB's Version)

    A collection of drabbles ( 1000 words or less). Some may be snippets that get expanded later on or just a little something that ran away with me. Specific pairings, trigger warnings, and ratings at the beginning of each chapter.

  • It all Started with a Dance

    The spicier version of As Long As You're Mine

  • You Twinkle like Christmas Lights

    Big family Christmases were a particular specialty of Fred's; however, faced with Christmas with the Grangers and a big question always on his mind, this Christmas is shaping out to be far more stressful than just handling Aunt Muriel all week. Written for the Fremione Forever Secret Santa event

  • Piece by Piece

    Part of the New Order Rising series. After five years of searching, Harry stumbles upon Hermione Granger in the last place he expected and with a target on her back. Now jaded and cold, Hermione must return to the world she left behind to defeat the latest uprising of dark wizards with help from some old faces. Cover photo by the fabulous @ keikee

  • Fire in My Veins

    Fremione. Anything more than that would spoil it.

  • House Colours

    A short chapter to add to Fall Into Me by possumwrites for her birthday! This comes after chapter 5 and was too irresistible to write! Thank you for letting me play with your story and characters and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  • Rumor Has It

    Hermione Granger has been the subject of rumors for a long time. Even rumors from the tabloids. But some rumors have just a tiny seed of truth.

  • Sparks Fly

    Percy Jackson had always done something to Annabeth. It was something she couldn't put a name to for years. But is was definitely a spark of something. Written for the Percabeth discord's "Story of Us" fest

  • Best of Surprises

    Of first dates and sweet surprises

  • Ripped Apart

    War always comes at a price. Charlie Wealsey discovers just what the Second Wizarding War will cost him. His family.

  • Cuffing Season

    It's the evening of George Weasley's famous Christmas party. But this year, he and his girlfriend have added a little an interesting new twist. Absolute chaos ensues. Written for Sanctuary's 100 member collaboration challange!

  • Things Unseen

    A slight rewrite to the thestral scene from OotP where Hermione's fear of flying is a little more evident resulting in her riding with a friend.

  • This is Home

    Harry never intended to darken the passageway of Number 4 Privet Drive again. Yet that was precisely where he found himself two years after ending Voldemort, but this time, he wasn't alone. TW: discussion of child abuse Written for HMS 4k comp

  • Teddy's Fourth Birthday

    Drabble written for HMS 4k competition. Possibly expanded later. Teddy is celebrating his fourth birthday at the Potter house. Fluffy, adorable, plotless

  • A Kiss for Luck

    Just before the first task, Hermione is a mess of nervous fussing over Harry and decides perhaps a muggle tradition is just the thing he needs. Written for HMS Harmony discord 4K challenge Prompts: lucky and 4th year

  • Four Little Words

    Harry tried to make everything just perfect, but when all his plans are ruined, Hermione takes charge. A little drabble for HMS Harmony's 4K competition.

  • As Long As You're Mine

    Takes place during DH during the tent dance scene. Harry and Hermione have been dancing, but when the song changes, will something change between them too? (Song-fic to As Long As You're Mine from Wicked.) This is a prequel one-shot to another story I am working on. The two can be read together, separately, out of order, while eating a banana, however you choose.

  • The Things that Hurt Us Most

    This takes place after the final battle. Hermione and Ron are together; Harry isn't seeing anyone. THIS WILL END HHR, you have been forewarned so please don't give me tons of hate over it. Simply don't read. Other than that I hope someone enjoys this.