• Like Brothers

    Minerva McGonagall steps in on the awful night the Potter are killed and arranges to have Harry Potter raised by Sirius Black and his somewhat cousins, the Malfoys. Draco and Harry grow up as almost brothers and everything - everything - is different. Gryffindor!Draco. Dramione. AU. on hiatus.

  • Drabbles and Assorted Ficlets

    Assorted drabbles and ficlets with various pairings. These are stand-alone stories that leaked out of my brain and will not be expanded. If you don't like short things, please don't read them.

  • Dramione Drabbles & Ficlets

    A series of drabbles and short ficlets. All dramione pairing, ranges from fluffy to angsty. They will not be expanded, and are each meant to stand alone as it is.

  • We Don't Need You

    Albus Dumbledore shows up on Petunia Dursley's doorstep with a baby, a couple of Aurors, and Severus Snape in tow. Harry needs the home blood relatives to be safe, but, to be clear, that does not include Vernon.

  • We Don't Need You

    Albus Dumbledore shows up on Petunia Dursley's doorstep with a baby, a couple of Aurors, and Severus Snape in tow. Harry needs the home blood relatives to be safe, but, to be clear, that does not include Vernon.

  • A Midwinter Night's Dream

    A holiday party at work goes astray when a sip of eggnog sends both Hermione and Draco into an enchanted wood. To escape, they'll have to forgive the past.

  • But the Darkness Alters

    Neville Longbottom wasn't chosen to be the hero. He didn't go on a quest for magical items. Instead, he stayed behind, locked in a castle with monsters. Draco Malfoy was one of the monsters. And Hermione Granger thinks she knows them both. Spoiler alert: she doesn't. A fragmented story of people who spent too much time in the dark. Dreville. Eventual dramione. Non-linear.

  • The Wiltshire Space Station

    Voldemort Inc. is laundering money and using underage labor. Hermione Granger agrees to go undercover as a kidnapped grunt to get to Wiltshire Station and look for proof of their malfeasance. When she manipulates her way into teaching the Station Executive's son, Draco Malfoy, how to survive planetside, she learns a lot more than she bargained for. non-magical SFF AU

  • The Moth

    It's one of Voldemort's Dark Revels, and Luna has a gift for him.

  • Rewind

    The discovery of an old spell book leads Hermione and Draco risk it all to stop the Dark Lord. ONE-SHOT.

  • The Wand

    Draco Malfoy is hired by the Ministry to track down a missing relic worth killing for. Hermione Granger might be his best lead, or might be behind the string of bad luck that trips up anyone who goes near the thing.

  • A Constellation Name

    It had been one night and Draco Malfoy had gone out of his way to make sure she didn't expect it to be any more than that. Still, she probably should have told him about their daughter. ONE SHOT. DRAMIONE.

  • Treachery

    The war has dragged on into a stale détente until Draco Malfoy Snatches Hermione Granger from a Muggle park. His plans could upset the balance of the war, tipping things toward the light. What Hermione doesn't expect is that he'll upset her treacherous heart as well. DRAMIONE. ONE-SHOT.

  • Unlikely Brothers

    Harry ends up back in time on the steps of Wool's Orphanage. Raised in institutional squalor with Tom Riddle, he has a very different attitude toward magic, Hogwarts, and friendships. dark!harry, brotp!tomarry.

  • They Have All Lied

    The worst thing wasn't that no one seemed to care. The worst part wasn't that she was scolded for trusting a magical diary. The worst part was that she missed him.

  • Responsibility

    You loved him. You betrayed him. You go on. You think, sometimes, that Judas had it easier. ONE SHOT.

  • A Little Education

    Tom Riddle and Hermione Granger are graduate students in the same psychology program. When they get caught in a blizzard on the way to a conference, the only hotel has but one room left. And it only has one bed. Whatever will happen? Non-magical AU. COMPLETE

  • Thicker than the Water of the Womb

    A Ministry official arrives on Andromeda Tonks doorstep, Draco Malfoy held by the wrist. His parents aren't fit, the official says. Well, tell Andromeda something she doesn't know. ONE SHOT.

  • Christmas Aftermath

    After packing away her Christmas decorations, Hermione heads down to the pub for dinner and a pint. A packed room results in her sharing a table with Draco Malfoy. ONE SHOT.

  • Unlikely

    Hermione Granger doesn't believe the results of her Divination project. After all, how likely would it be that Draco Malfoy is her one true love? But then, years later, she goes to a Christmas wedding and what is unlikely may well be what is also true. ONE SHOT. DRAMIONE.