• The Potion Master's Apprentice

    Harry defeats Voldemort in the graveyard and finds himself with more time to focus on his studies. Severus sees Harry is truly gifted at potions and once Harry leaves school, offers him an apprenticeship. But what's up with Severus? VampireSev, mxm, slash, snarry, love, slow burn, bondage, explicit, slight PTSD, Pianist Harry, vampire bites UPDATES FRIDAY 7:30PM CST
  • An Ally

    What happens when Voldemort discovers he has another horcrux he doesn't know about-and that its vessel is hurting itself to feel emotion again? Why, send him a magical journal so they can talk, of course. After all, everyone needs an ally. Warnings: abuse rape Tomarry SLASH TMR/HP TR/HP LV/HP Sub/Dom Sub!harry Dom!Tom
  • Kitten Troubles

    During the Final Battle Voldemort is turned into a kitten and Harry takes him home thinking he's a homeless, motherless kitten. Will Voldemort stay like this forever? Will Harry figure out who it is? WARNING: male/male relationships, one spanking good looking Tom Riddle as the Dark Lord, DarkHarry, demons, and lots of funny kitten ADHD goodness
  • Accidental Injury Gone Right

    Harry is in a car accident which leaves him blind. Severus takes care of him, and eventually gathers some feelings for the blind boy. Slightly fast paced? NEWLY EDITED FOR READER'S COMFORT
  • The Consequences of Bullying

    Draco is abused and bullied because he decided to be himself. Here's the consequence of the abuse he has dealt with. WARNING:abuse mental, emotional, physical/suicide/hate crimes/selfharm
  • Rise and Shine

    Severus catches Harry out of bed after curfew. Warning: character death, suicide, mentions of severe bullying Supportive!Severus Depressed!Harry
  • Deeper Than Blood

    Dumbledore is worried that Harry might receive an inheritance. In an attempt to better Harry's chance of surviving such a change, he's being taken to someone else's house before his 16th birthday. Will Dumbledore willingly house him with his mate? Slash, dark angel!Harry (Vampire/Angel cross) breif mention of mpreg Dom!Draco HP/DM Drarry Don't forget to leave a review!
  • Reluctant and Not

    Blaise forces Draco to play truth or dare with Gryffindors. What will happen when certain members are trying to avoid giving out too much information? What happens when secrets are revealed and loves are announced? And will Ron be jealous? Read and find out! NEWLY EDITED WITH AN EPILOGUE!
  • Happily Ever After I'm Dead

    Harry and Draco want happy endings and neither one is willing to admit their feelings for the other. But what happens when Draco is hurt in the line of duty and Harry is the only one who can save him? Will they still say over my dead body or will they accept their differences? Mpreg Mention of abuse Sequel on the way! This has been edited and reposted for convinience!
  • Changes

    Harry and Draco have changed drastically since the fall of Voldemort. What happens when appearences and attitudes alike change for the both of them? Why does Harry have eyeliner and Draco have a collar? WARNING: nonexplicit abuse, forced starvation
  • Acceptance

    Harry wants to spoil Draco, and show him what a real relationship is supposed to be. Draco likes the physical side of relationships and is presented with a pretty compelling reason to give Harry a shot. Will Harry Accept that Draco is just out of reach for him, or will Draco accept that he wants to know what a real relationship could be like? Drarry Suave Harry
  • A Healing Heart

    Severus is suffering after Harry's ultimate demise. He never even got to tell him how he felt. How will he handle life when Harry is gone? Warning: Snarry (ish?)
  • Lost Demons, Dispaired Kittens

    Sequel to Kitten Troubles! Here it is, the long awaited sequel in which Harry finds another love to capture his heart and Tom gets a sucker punch to the face, metaphorically speaking, and Severus gets caught in the middle. Want to find out more? Come check it out! Rated M for the same reasons as Kitten Troubles.
  • Hermione's Heartache

    Some reference to sex (girlXgirl) and naughty language. Hermione is astonished that books couldn't prepare her for the hurt that she'd be going through when she gets involved in a love triangle.