• A Lion, A Witch and A Wardrobe

    Lily Luna Potter did not expect to find that in her godmother's wardrobe!

  • The Slug Club Dinner

    Harry gets a night off from his detentions with Snape but has to go to the Slug CLub dinner. He finds himself attending with Ginny Weasley, his secret crush. Set during HBP, some dialogue from book and movie

  • Catch Her Snitch

    One shots and Snippets based on artwork and headcanons from blvnk-art on Tumbler, and dialogue from 'it's-hp-bitch's incorrect hp quotes on Tumbler, with a bit of pottermum added to the mix too.

  • Tell Me

    "Tell Me," she'd ask, and I couldn't say no to her. Written for the anniversary of the Battle of Hogwarts, MAy 2nd, and in first person POV

  • Trades and Truces

    Someone is bound to get hurt when Harry and Ginny trade their trademark spells and hexes.

  • Never Too Old

    Teddy, James, Albus and Lily reliase they are never too old to need their parents. Family fluff. Parents and Grandparents Harry/Ginny

  • A Fateful Valentine's Day

    It's February 14th and four people head out to meet their blind dates. Fate intervenes. Three years later, the same four people will meet again. Rated for a couple of swear words. AU

  • A Special Birthday

    The Potters celebrate a special friend's birthday. Dedicated to blvnk (Bianca) Happy Birthday!

  • Hey, You

    Two New Year's Eve's, set years apart, that Harry nearly misses but he's very glad he didn't. Potter family fluff.

  • Girl Talk

    The Weasley women are having a girl's night at Shell Cottage, including Fleur's sister Gabrielle. Ginny is not impressed with the main topic of conversation.

  • Abundance

    Harry and Ginny are hosting a luncheon on Christmas Eve for their friends in their new home at Godric's Hollow. Rated M for Christmas Eve morning naughtiness! Written for the 2019 Incognito Elf challenge for Glisseo, from the HarryandGinny Discord group. Happy Christmas!

  • A Mother Just Knows!

    Molly Weasley demands all her children and their partners stay at the Burrow for Christmas Eve. However, her daughter is as strong willed as she is, and she also has her ace in the hole - her boyfriend, Harry Potter. Story inspired by profile photo of this particular piece of blvnk's amazing art, once again, and the second chapter is dedicated to her. Rating is precautionary.

  • Glow

    Looking at her, barley taking in what she was saying, Harry realised Ginny was glowing with happiness.

  • Potter's Paradise

    It's yet another Halloween, but rather than feeling down about his parents, Harry has so much to look forward to. He knows they would understand.

  • Doppelganger

    George is throwing a Halloween costume party. Harry arrived late and can't find Ginny. But he does find someone else. Precautionary rating, prob more K plus

  • The Hook Up

    It's been eight month since Ginny broke up with her cheating boyfriend and now she was invited to his sister's wedding. There were two reasons she agreed to go. To show her ex what he was missing out on because she was going to look fabulous, and to hook up. But then she met Harry. Muggle AU

  • Dress Up Day

    It's the first week of muggle primary school for Lily and Hugo and the school is hosting a dress up day for the students and their families, with awards given to the best dressed family. The Potter's are sure they've got this one in the bag. Canon compliant

  • Time To Shine

    Lily Luna Potter is leaving for her first year at Hogwarts on September 1st, and in the days leading up to her leaving, her family deal with a lot of emotions. Canon Compliant, CC compliant

  • Birthday Surprises

    Harry wants to make his wife's 38th birthday special, but in the end, she makes it special - for him. Written for Ginny Weasley Potter's 38th birthday Aug 11

  • Decades of Cake

    What's a birthday without cake! Written to celebrate Harry Potter's 39th Birthday. HP and HPCC canon compliant.