glo stars

  • Schooled in Darkness

    While in secret opposition to Voldemort's regime, Maya must act her part if she wishes to survive at Hogwarts.
  • Esperanza Ward

    Esperanza Ward is a positive girl who is kind, caring and sensitive. How will she fare in a post-war Hogwarts where evil has triumphed? Evil cannot last forever...
  • The Misrule of Lord Voldemort

    Harry Potter is dead. Hogwarts is still in operation, and Adaire is one of its inmates. Things are going to change from now on.
  • Tell Lily That

    James decides to play it cool with Lily after years of hot pursuit and Adaire finds herself caught up in the backlash.
  • The Substitutes

    Katniss and Peeta's train crashes on the way to the Capitol after they had been reaped as tributes for the 74th Hunger Games and they die. Snow needs two more tributes from somewhere, but district 12 is on the verge of rebellion and he can not push them further. Instead he takes two children from Victor Village, one of them Johanna Mason's daughter, Cate. (Finnick/OC, Cato/OC)
  • Anaïs Angelier

    When her friend, Cygnus Black, tells her of Tom Riddle's plans to burn the orphanage he grew up in, Anaïs swoops in to save the children. What she hadn't foreseen was the trouble that would ensue, for both her and Cygnus at the hands of the Dark Lord. Matters are made worse when she receives a letter from her parents in France.
  • Solving Riddle

    Paris Selwyn, a transfer from Beauxbatons, grows to love Hogwarts and her friends there. On arrival, she is placed under the watch of a rather charming, young Slytherin prefect. Yet she learns that there is darkness that pervades this youthful, yet powerful wizard.
  • Incendio

    'I'm not his girlfriend' wasn't a phrase that Hester thought that she would be repeating several times in one day because of the assumed relationship between herself and a stranger, a dark, insanely handsome stranger with grey eyes and the most contagious grin in the world, called Sirius Black. Neither did she think she would be hanging out at Hogwarts with the cool kids.