The Cinder Crown

  • The Days in the Life

    Drabble/one-shot collection! Different people, parings, genres, AU's...Theodore, Benjy, KatieOliver, BartyRegulus, PetuniaHades, HarryNeville, HermioneLucius, LilySeverus, WalburgaOrion, LilyLunaScorpius, HarryGinny, NarcissaLucius, Fairytale!AU, Hungergames!AU; RemusPetunia, DracoAstoria, LunaGinny, BillFleur, NevilleHarry, AlbusLilyl, RonLavender, Pandora L, Wicked!AU,
  • imagine there's no heaven

    when they were children, Daphne made a promise to her little sister. Now, 30 years later, it was time to act upon it. If only Daphne could work up the courage to do it. WARNING: Character death.
  • We could be heroes (just for one day)

    PansyAstoria:: or, love that was always meant to be.
  • lay it where childhood's dreams are twined

    Ariana felt so comfortable there, like in one of her dreams — in a land where the magic inside of her was tamed and the voices whispering in her head were quiet — and her heart almost broke at the thought that everything was back to how it was before. Warning: Character Death. Wonderland!AU-ish
  • There's magic in the world (believe and you'll see)

    Collection of Fairytale!AUs / 1st The Rose behind the thorns, #2. The little Mermaid in the lake
  • have you ever thrown glitter in the air?

    Not all that glitters is old... and Narcissa would have traded all the glamour and glitter for the chance to be herself...
  • beautiful traumas

    flowery femslash collection :: QueenieLeta. FleurTonks
  • The Blood of the Lioness

    After the battle, Harry visits his parents' grave and watches an unknown woman who seemed to be very close to his mother Lily. Who is she? Will Harry - with Hermione's help & several trips into the pensieve - finally get the family he had always dreamed of? And how will Minerva cope with the heartache of re-surfacing memories and secrets she had long ago tried to forget? ADMM, OC
  • will you swing with me from the chandelier?

    The young woman shakes her head. When did she start to yearn for the dark? For a time, when the sun is finally falling; when she can open a bottle of wine without being judged? :: or: how to deal with a broken heart...
  • for now

    "We can still have it all, Minerva," Tom said alluringly, and lifted her chin to make her look into his eyes. "I came here tonight for you. Just say the words and we can rule over this world together." :: or, two old lovers having one last conversation during the final battle.
  • i'm only me when I'm with you

    ... in which Minerva is quite literally shipped with everyone :: 1. Minerva and Hermione beneath the starry skies.
  • and we both know hearts can change

    "Why can't I love you both?" - "Because that's not how it goes.", or: Harry and Hermione walking the fine line between friends and lovers.
  • if I die young bury me in cherry blossoms

    "The cherry blossom represents fragility and the beauty of life. It's a reminder that life is almost overwhelming beautiful but that it is also tragically short" :: Meet-cute collection. LilySirius. LilyJames. LilySiriusJames.
  • so sorry your world is tumbling down

    "you don't know how much I long for your touch right now – your strong arms around my fragile body with my head resting upon your shoulder… it's the last memory I have of you" :: or, a last and bittersweet farewell on a snowy winter's day :: Drastoria.
  • will you follow if I show you my scars?

    "She watched in satisfaction as the man whom she thought responsible for all her pain, fell backwards from the tower - the sound of shattering bones a few seconds later filling ehr with a joy she hadn't felt in years" [Dystopian!AU, Stockholm Syndrom]
  • lovely ruins

    colourful het-drabble collection (adult themes - ratings inside): :: SiriusMinerva
  • so I'll tell you something (this could be love)

    In which Lily is on holiday in a fancy hotel and befriends three very nice dance-instructors, called James, Sirius and Marlene. :: DirtyDancing!AU. Jily. SiriusMarlene. :: For Emi.
  • you think you can tell heaven from hell?

    'Why don't you come and fly with us? The heaven is beautiful today.' :: Ariana[Gellert]. Triggers for maltreatment. dark. suicide. tragedy.
  • Don't worry, darling (it's just a one night love affair)

    Scorpius wakes up with a major hangover, no memories of the previous night and next to a mysterious red-haired woman in his bed. What in Merlin's name did he do last night? Humor. Family. Friendship. Romance. Scorily.
  • It's the first love, it's perfect, really somethin' (it's fearless)

    One-shot collection featuring Astoria Grengrass in 15 different situation with different people; inspired by Taylor Swift songs. 1. AstoriaDraco