• Elapse

    One unexplained arrival during the beginning of the First Wizarding War, propels a series of events that would change the future as they knew it. The appearance of a bushy haired, know it all, new girl at Hogwarts leads to a key player switching sides. The switch is the first in the long path of developments that rewrites history.
  • Easiest of Crimes

    Theodore Nott smirked from behind the rim of his coffee cup. The Daily Prophet lay on the table in front of him. The weight of new galleons in his pockets. Malfoy Heir Found Murdered In Home. It was too easy.
  • The BoyfriendGirlfriend Variable

    Director Gibson had no idea how Dr. Cooper had managed to get such a beautiful girlfriend, but after seeing them through the course of one day, he was positive the two were made for each other.
  • An Unusual Pair

    "Fred Weasley you get your arse down here this instant!" There written across her forehead was "Property of Fred Weasley". Harry and Ron shared a look knowing that the Weasley twin was a dead man.
  • Evermore

    Having sacrificed herself to ensure Ron's safety, Hermione finds herself a prisoner in Malfoy Manor. Treated well but left to the whims of the group of young Deatheater's that seem to never leave the Manor's walls. With Draco Malfoy as their leader, Hermione must learn what keeps them all there and what has become of the bully of her childhood. Maybe she can save them all.
  • Ashes to Ashes

    "As you attempt to form a coherent sentence Miss Granger, I will tell you what little assumptions I have made of our situation. We are not like the ghosts you are used to roaming Hogwarts. We can not be seen or heard by any of the living or those ghosts that you are so used to. The reasoning behind this has yet to make itself known," Snape took a step back from her.
  • How Reluctant Is The Hero?

    "If you're here to tell me that I'm supposed to save the world, is there any way I could pass on that? I mean, I don't want anyone to die, necessarily, but really don't want to go through that."
  • Chains

    Thomas Riddle did not remember why he married this woman. He didn't love her. It was as if Merope Gaunt had a rope around his neck and chains around his wrists. He would break them though, he would break the chains and escape whatever magic she had him under.
  • When It Rains

    "It's alright. Very few people like me at all," Luna said it not sadly but as a simple fact. "You're just…different Luna," Harry managed to work out. Luna stopped drawing for a moment. "Different?" She questioned. "Yeah. You're different. In a good way," Harry said.
  • Here Comes The Bride

    Narcissa knew that this would be the image that would get her through the coming lonely years. The image of Andromeda in her wedding dress face aglow with a happiness that was to be coveted. That was her sister. So happy, so in love, so...gone.
  • Tale As Old As Time

    Hermione offers to be imprisoned in Malfoy Manor in exchange for Ron's release. Considered precious to Voldemort because of her brains and relationship with Harry, she is put under the watchful eye of his trusted young servant, Draco Malfoy. Hermione, now surrounded by the Slytherins she once despised, must come to realize that not every book can be judged by it's cover.
  • Rose Weasley's Interesting Year

    Rose Weasley's life sucked. There was no question about it. All she wanted was to get through her Fourth Year without being emotionally scarred for life. Apparently fate just isn't on her side.
  • Just Be Happy

    George and Hermione visit Fred's grave to tell him that they're dating. Will Fred be able to let his twin know that all he wants for him is to just be happy? Written for the We're In A Relationship Challenge
  • The Unfortunate Series of Library Events

    An unfortunate series of events, leaves Lily with no choice than to sit with the Marauder's to study for exams. The unfortunate series of events continue, only this time to have her looking at James Potter a little differently.
  • The Sad Life Of Hannah Abott

    A drabble about the sad life of our favorite under appreciated Hufflepuff. What could be worse than feeling like no one knows you exist?
  • The Dropped Puffapod Bean

    When Hermione finds herself crying in the greenhouses, she wants to die of embarrassment. A friend just had to catch her in her one weak true girly moment. Surprisingly though some good may come out of the embarrassing situation.
  • Revenge Is All The Sweeter

    Hermione decides it's finally time for some revenge. After Fred's last prank, it's well known that he deserves it what she didn't expect though was for Ron to take a liking to her boyfriend's new form. Sequel to An Unusual Pair
  • Weasley Sneaking and Punishing

    Rose Weasley won't stand for her cousins getting into trouble. Considering even her oldest cousins have gone along with the latest dangerous prank against Scorpius Malfoy, she decides it's up to her to put them in their place.
  • The Men And Women Who Won The War

    In her hands is not a timeline of the war. It is the personal memoirs of over fifty men and woman who helped save the wizarding world. Hermione goes on a journey of interviews to write a book on the war. Brief Non-Cannon Pairing
  • It's A Suggestion

    "You were right," Katara tells him taking a step closer to him. Zuko stiffens at her proximity, silly given the fact he had held her in his arms hours earlier. "About what?" He asks in confusion. "He will get over it," she sighs with another small smile. "Oh," he can't think of anything else to say to that. "Maybe someone else will profess his love for me then," Katara grins