• If You Can't Take The Heat

    The Aurors have a bit of a public relations problem, so they've dispatched one Harry Potter to redeem their reputation. Meet the new celebrity judge of Britain's Best Magical Baker!
  • For You

    It's Christmas Harry and Ginny are at different points in their lives, but they still have a knack for picking out gifts for each other. Written for Pottermum for the Harry and Ginny Discord's 2019 Incognito Elf fic exchange!
  • Can't Get You Out Of My Head

    Harry and Ginny share several sunlit days together. If only he'd wake up. Written for the Harry and Ginny Discord Several Sunlit Days 2019 birthday challenge.
  • The Mona Lisa's Smile

    After the events of Uninvited, Harry and Ginny have settled into family life with their boys. Finding things to be a bit too routine, they opt for a springtime getaway in Paris where they meet a very particular Italian lady.
  • Entertaining Ron

    It's a drowsy summer day and Ron has nothing better to do than get on his best friend's nerves. This was originally written in 2004 and posted to Checkmated (RIP). I made a few changes, but for the most part, it's in its original state. Be advised-yes I know Hermione's middle name is now "Jean", but at the time this was written, it was "Jane".
  • The Perfect Gift

    It's Hermione's birthday and Ron is having trouble coming up with the perfect gift for his wife.
  • The Weight Of Love

    It's been a couple of years since Harry died in the Forbidden Forest and Voldemort declared his victory over the Wizarding World. Running an errand in Diagon Alley, Ginny sees a familiar face. Written for the Harry/Ginny Subreddit's Valentine's contest, this story does not take place in my extended Potterverse.
  • Shiver

    Harry and Ginny are a bit on the outs with each other. An impromptu outing and a terrible decision leads to a make-up. Written for the Harry/Ginny Discord's Incognito Elf fic exchange for Goodlife23. This is a little bit sideways of my Reconnecting Potterverse.
  • Uninvited

    Settled in San Francisco with a growing family, Harry and Ginny come face-to-face with Harry's Auror past.
  • The Case of the Unexpected Deliveries

    Teddy is stuck studying case files for Auror academy. This sparks a conversation between him and Harry about one of his strangest cases.
  • The Ghost of the Redcoat

    Ginny is in Boston for a conference and gets more than she bargained for when she buys Harry a gift.
  • Letters From Lovers

    Ron and Hermione are dealing with a long distance relationship the best way they know how. This occurs between Duty Calls and Just Friends.
  • Colorful

    Three long years of Auror training is complete and there's only one task left. Ginny to the rescue. This occurs between Disaster Button and Ride My Car.
  • The Book Of Questions

    Hermione has a book of thought-provoking questions and Ron gets ahold of it. This was originally written in 2004 as part of my "Reconnecting" Potterverse. As I've been posting my older works, I've been doing some editing to bring them a bit more up to date, but I'm leaving this one as is. It's one of my favorites and I hope you enjoy it.
  • Duty Calls

    Ron gets an Auror summons at a very inconvenient time. Originally published in 2004, these events occur after All Shook Up.
  • All Shook Up

    It's Sunday at the Burrow and Hermione's first time back there since reuniting with Ron. Originally published in 2004, this takes place after Stirring Up The Fire
  • Stirring Up The Fire

    A fire burns inside of Hermione, one only Ron can stoke. Originally published in 2004, these events occur immediately after Reconnecting.
  • Anticipation

    Ron has a nagging feeling that something is about to happen, but he can't put his finger on what it could possibly be. Originally published in 2004, this occurs immediately before Reconnecting.
  • The Water Baby

    It's close to Ginny's due date for her first child and she's very uncomfortable. Harry comes up with a novel way to help her out, unknowingly echoing his own parents.
  • Reconnecting

    Ron and Hermione have been separated for several years and get to know each other once more. The story that started it all. Originally published in 2004, there are inconsistencies with my later works in the same Potterverse. Please enjoy.