• Banner of the Necromancer

    The ritual needed a fresh cut per testing. Orion actually took his wrist in his hand and slit the palm. "I, Lord Orion Black do call upon the Family Magicks of the Potter Family," intoned the Black Lord, "Test Harrison Potter son of Charlus, and may you deem him worthy."

  • Soul of fire

    Tom only listened with half an ear as his focus was on the Potter Heir. Like the others from Nightingale his magic was wound tightly around him. McGonagall called out suddenly, "Potter, Harrison!" With that the Potter Heir made his way up to the stool. The hat was dropped on his head and they waited. For only a moment before the hat called out, "Slytherin!"

  • Keepers

    Grindelwald said in a cold as ice voice, "Where did you send the library, Keeper?" "I couldn't tell you, Grindelwald," he laughed even as one of the Reapers dug their wand into the side of his neck, "The magic sends it to them without our knowledge. You have lost."

  • Your truth will set you free

    Just as the wards failed and the doors were blown wide open by the blue furred Aires with Nargaks riding them, seven stars formed. Four black three gold. The air grew oppressive with the wizard's magic. It caused several several Aires to stop suddenly ans rear back. This threw the Nargaks from their backs. Those who chose to fight took their chances.

  • Given the chance

    Harrison said leaning back on his heels, "Really? You tried to attack me?" The other one pulled his wand out and pointed it in Harrison's face. The ebony haired man didn't so much as flinch at the threat. Instead he commented dryly, "You might as well put that away. You won't be able to cast a spell here." "You think we can't use magic? You're just a mudblood!"

  • Rangers

    A Lord? So far from the manors and big cities? Could he have been sent by the King? If so what did the man want now? "Which Lord?" The boy paused seeming to think for a moment before he said unsure now, "I'm not sure, Ranger. But, Mr. Moody seemed to know him."

  • Zero chance

    M/M soulmate. A team of three are sent back in time to stop the Shigarki and his master from destroying the world. At 13 Izuku is abused and neglected by those around him. With his memories of the future he retains his body and prepares to kill the villains who ruined the world. Succeed or fail. Destruction or peace. All is placed on the shoulders of a boy.

  • Disciple of the dragon

    Izuku Midoriya is seen by the hero world as a quirkless nobody who has an impossible dream. To the world of Murim he is the Dragon's disciple. A rare student marked by not one but two masters. Carefully he keeps his bloodline hidden so not to insight war. His goal: to become the first quirkless hero. That was until the man he looked up to stepped in.

  • I want to see you smile

    Kang Sung asked curious, "What are you looking at, Nezu?" "That boy," replied Nezu pointing a paw to the one who caught his attention, "Who is he?" Kang Sung looked confused as he followed the point. It only deepened when he saw the boy. "I don't know."

  • Never been so many (Never been so alone)

    Izuku leaves Nanda Parbat unable to take the killings. Chased by heroes and assassins alike he seeks to find himself. Amongst the streets of Musutafu he finds new and old friends. They seek to help him. He seeks to hide himself to not risk their lives for his own selfishness. To grow attached would mean risking The Leavue harming them.

  • Elementals

    Once there were just as many who could use low magic as there were who could use high magic. A war long forgotten that he didn't know the specifics of had practically wiped it out.

  • Eyes gone cold

    Brown hair just as shaggy as his companion's fell into dark brown eyes. Will had studied under this man for two years off and on until he could take the Thief Catcher exam. A falcon was tattooed onto the inside of his right wrist

  • Wolf's child

    Sent away from his real family Harrison Potter grows up not understand his heritage. Alex Potter was declared the Boy Who Loved after an attack by the Dark Lord. As they grow ancient magics begin to come into play. With the clans on the brink of war a new wolf must rise to the occasion. Twins and m/m au

  • Light gives into darkness

    Jasper approached slightly out of breath, "Romanoff I collected the knife you said he threw at you. You might want to see this?" He sounded unsure. It was so unlike Jasper that she did turn to see what had him so uncertain. The moment she saw the knife and the symbol engraved into its hilt. That was the sign of Medusa. Jason Bourne served in Medusa.

  • Luck of the wolf

    Harry asked his voice cold, "Why have you called me here?" Lily tried, "Well Harry since you turn 13 tomorrow it's time for you to start attending balls. This is both to start making alliances as the Heir to the family. It is also so you can make good impressions for possible courtships."

  • At your limits

    Damn the breaches and their unpredictability he thought. If things weren't bad enough he now had to contend with public transport in finding his way "home". He was almost tempted to simply find a place to hole up until morning when he was less conspicuous. Unfortunately he has somewhere to be tomorrow at a very specific time.

  • Reason for Living

    Harry Potter saved the Wizarding world and disappeared. Six months after the war he requested to attend a Murim Alliance meeting. The meeting was to decide on how to deal with a new threat. Instead of pushing him to heal it pushed him die. In his second failed attempt he is sent to another world. Will he try and third time or will he find a reason for Living in the blue eyes child

  • In the shadows of the night

    Sometimes all it takes is one person believing in you. Three children set out on a journey. Two are spoiled members of well known clans. One is an orphan who had only known pain and suffering for his six years. He searches for a guiding light to set him down the right path.

  • Sadness gives birth to kindness

    After being beaten by his uncle Harrison is saved by his friends in the Huntik Foundation. Taken in by a friend of his Ward Master he goes on to learn about his inheritance. As new alliances are forged old ones are lost. He will have to learn to stand on his own two feet and how to rely on others.

  • Feral

    Curiously he looked down at his shirt trying to find what had caught the child's attention. His shirt was a dark blue. Did the child in his confused state recognize the color? He could use that. Use it to keep the child safe and off the streets.